Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Holiday Season

We're galloping toward Christmas, and I'm still in a Thanksgiving state of mind.  I'm thankful for our friends Jan and John, and Diana and Bob, who've made ranch life easier and more fun.  Here's just a few things they have done for us -

John lent David his tractor so we could mow our pastures.

Jan and John let us store hay in their barn so we could buy
more than our hay shed could hold when hay was on sale.

Diana and Bob lent us their cargo trailer so we could store
yet more hay in case there's a shortage this year.
We even have hay in a warehouse.
(next year's ranch improvement project?  More hay storage!)

Bob and Diana trust us with Boomer and Ben.
I'm thankful for our friends.

And now it's time to start thinking about Christmas.
1st on the agenda?
Get ready for the Christmas parade!
I hear sleigh bells!


Lori Skoog said...

What I would give to be in that cart!

Texan said...

Boomer and Ben awesome! We have good neighbors here who have helped us out. One neighbor helped us when our tractor decided to die out by the road when honeyman was mowing out there. He used his tractor to bring our bush hog back to the house, we live quite a bit off the road.. Then he used his tractor to pull our dead tractor onto a big trailer to haul it in to be fixed. Don't know how we would have moved either without his help. Good friends and neighbors, can't beat em.

Now Thats A Trot! said...

You can never have too much hay storage! (Or good neighbors!)

Love the sleigh bells! :)

Sharon said...

Really nice neighbors!

What a fun ride that would be...

Liesl said...

Boomer and Ben are looking great! I would love to be in that sleigh with you guys! What fun. We also are in need of another barn for hay storage!

Ruth said...

Sounds like some great friends :)!
I LOVE the sleigh, very cool.

Janet said...

They sound like brilliant friends you have - did it take Boomer long to get use to the sound of those sleigh bells ? they sound lovely but quite loud !

Jim said...

Yes, friends are great to have!
Looks like fun on that 'buggy'! I know I AM SICK but the first thing to come to mind was that 'Seinfeld' episode with Krammer riding the carriage and two people sitting in back of the horse!! I'll leave it at that!lol

Funder said...

What good friends! :)

I always love all the driving videos!

Dreaming said...

I can't wait to see Boomer in the parade!
The bells sound lovely! Do you know why they adopted sleigh bells? Well... I'll tell you anyway; just in case there is someone out there, like me, who didn't know! Sleighs don't make much sound gliding on the snow, so people were often victims of accidents while walking around in town. Drivers began using sleigh bells so folks could hear them coming!

Dom said...

Here's to good neighbors! They make life so much better.

JJ said...

Christmas time has arrived so quickly this year, but I don't mind. I absolutely love the festivity of this season. Ugh, the only thing that stinks is the miserable cold that follows Christmas! :P. Glad to hear that you've got lots of hay stored up, that's a relief in and of itself. Sounds like you've got yourself good friends out there :) :)

Inger said...

It's wonderful to have nice neighbors. And you guys behind your horse, dreamy! Soldier is doing so much better, it's amazing. He has a hard time getting up if he sits down on the kitchen floor and the harness works wonders then. I can just reach down and lift him up. I don't even feel how heavy he is. It is just wonderful, thanks again.