Thursday, May 31, 2012

Product Review - Stretch and Flex Wraps

Paj needs boots when he's turned out or being ridden.  He plays hard, and he's not always mindful of where his hooves are in relation to his legs. 

He's a few years older than he was in these photos, and he has a lot more freedom than he did at the boarding stable, but still he plays hard.  I've used "Dover Pro Sport Horse Boots with Neoprene Lining" for years.  But now that the days are warm, I've started worrying about how hot his legs get under the boots.  So after a little research, I bought a pair of -

"Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Leg Wraps".  The selling point for me was this - "These boots protect while breathable material keeps your horse's legs cool and comfortable. These boots are attractive, easy to use and great for hot weather".  (quote and photos from Dover Saddlery).

So how do I like them?  It's mixed.  They truly are cooler, and that was the point.  However, there's a learning curve to putting them on.  When they say "stretch and flex", they mean it.  You have to put them on a bit tighter than the usual boot, or they will slip.  I hate tack that slips, and I'm not comfortable putting boots or wraps on very tightly for fear of injury, which of course is what we're trying to prevent!  That said, I've found the happy snug fit where they're not tight, and they don't slip.  The other issue is - I'm not sure they are tough enough to do much good should Precious give himself a good whack while playing.  Oh, and the other-other issue is price.  They are considerably more expensive than Dover's Pro boot.   Of course after I bought them on sale at Dover, I found them much cheaper at

My rating?  2 hooves up (out of four)

Looking back at these old photos, I'm very pleased that Paj looks so much better now.  His muscling is better, his coat is shiny and his tail is full and thick.  We must be doing something right!  (But what was I thinking, turning him out bare legged?!?)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Mighty Wind

Holy moley, did we ever have a wind storm!  We had high winds for three days, topping out yesterday at over 40mph, with gusts over 60.  Amazingly, there was no real damage.

We had a few twigs off an ash tree

and a side of the little arena rail blew over.
Paj helped me inspect it.

"Hey human, guess we can't work anymore.
Oh toooo bad!"

No such luck, Paj.
David put it back up in short order.

We were very lucky.  Even the birds were lucky.  We have two nests out back.  The empty nest blew down, and the one with hatchlings stayed put.  They are fine.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ring of Fire, Part 2

Last evening I stood on the back porch, trying to see the eclipse.  The sky was dramatic, but there were too many clouds to see the ring of fire, or even to get a good look at the sun.

But I enjoyed the view.

It was obvious that something was happening behind those clouds.

I want to share with you the fabulous photo my brother Joe
took of the Ring of Fire -

photo by Joe Bauman
Kanarraville, Utah

Saturday, May 19, 2012

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Second post today!  Wow, I'm on a roll!

The biggest happening on our cul-de-sac is Chuck and Elisa's annual picnic party.  It's a mix of neighbors, friends, coworkers and relatives.  Last year Boomer was invited, and he was a huge hit.  This year Bob graciously gave us the okay to use Boomer for surrey rides.  Boomer, having pulled a beer wagon for a very famous brewery*, is a rock-solid driving horse.
That's Boomer in the lead, on the driver's right.

We never take Boomer's good character for granted, and we always do our homework to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time.  So party prep started on Thursday, with David and Boomer driving the route.  They also practiced standing patiently so folks could take time getting in and out of the surrey.

Friday was beauty shop day.  David washed Boomer's feathers until they were blindingly white.

Unfortunately, after a week of gorgeous weather, Party Day dawned cold, windy and rainy!  In the best interest of horse and humans, we scratched the surrey rides.  Boomer is snug in his stall, munching hay, and David and Chuck have snuck off to the basement to watch the Preakness.  For a former Maryland boy (David) and a former jockey (Chuck), that's a win-win.

* The very famous brewery doesn't want its name used by people that have horses from the hitch.  I don't really understand their point of view, but I try to respect it.  You'd think they'd be happy for people to know that the Clydesdales go to loving homes after their glory days in the hitch. 

Ring of Fire

It's all over the news, so I'm sure you know there will be a solar eclipse tomorrow. 
This diagram is from NASA's website.  For more information,

But wait, there's more!
Here's an interview with my brother Joe!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prairie Flowers

I love this time of year.  It's not too hot, it's not too cold, and the flies haven't found us yet.  The pastures are aglow with flowers.


One of my favorites - Indian Paintbrush

Easter Daisy

The fairest flower of them all -


Monday, May 14, 2012

In Other News...

My niece graduated from Colorado State University!

Mary and her Mom (my sister Cindy)

My brother Tom came all the way from Asheville, NC

Tom and I

My sister hosted a graduation party, and FIVE veterinarians came!  Well,  one of the vets was my sister.  Anyway, my brother stayed with us for a few days and recharged my batteries.  It was a lovely visit.  Now back to the ranch...