Tuesday, November 24, 2009

March of the Hay Barn

The location of the hay barn (down a slope and next to the house) was less than ideal. That's because it was a lawn mower shed in a previous life. We decided to move it closer to the barn. David emptied it and reinforced the structure. Then we wrapped a strap around it, hooked it to the truck, and hauled it up the hill.

And it worked!  Here's the hay barn in its new location -

Some day it will march around to the back of the barn.  And some day it might grow up to be a big hay barn.  But for now, we are quite pleased with ourselves.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Visit from Gossamer

The lovely Gossamer visited today, along with her human, Bob.  Clifford was thrilled to make her acquaintance.  She whispered sweet nothings in his ear -

Clifford, Bob and Gossamer

David and Bob cleaned tack while Clifford and Gossamer enjoyed a romp in the backyard.  Clifford would like this lovely lady to visit often.

Dave and Bob


Well, we had our first vet call.  Paj came out of his stall lame on Tuesday morning.  My initial thought was an abscess, because he has a long history of them.  His farrier happened to stopped by, tested his hooves, and it wasn't an abscess.  By evening, he had swelling along his tendon, and I thought maybe he had torn his tendon.

Paj's swollen leg

Dr. Gary and Ray came to the rescue, and it didn't take Dr. Gary any time to find what I had missed.  Paj had a wound near the bulb of his heel, and the swelling was infection making its way up his leg.  Dr. Gary bandaged his hoof, gave him antibiotics, and put him on 5 days of SMZs.  We are on day 3.  I've changed his bandage, and his wound is looking very good. 

Where the problem really is

Here's the kicker - we have to keep it dry, and we're expecting snow.  A whole lot of snow.