Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whining about the Weather, Again

This blog is turning into one long whine about the weather.  Here goes!
We had another heavy wet Spring snow. 
The local news said that in 48 hours, we got twice our average annual precipitation.  It was a limb-breaker.
If you read the "Plague" post, you know what came next; mud.  Our neighbors have a lake in their pasture, where no lake was before.  We've had to confine the horses to their stalls and runs.  At age 18, Reggie still enjoys a daily gallop, and it's just too wet to gallop.  Paj is guaranteed to pull a shoe or wrench a knee.  Only Boomer can be safely turned out.  He will peacefully graze, and if he runs, it will be a trot along the fence line where he will cause no harm to himself or the pasture.  There is a downside -
We'll be in the wash stall this afternoon.  But back to the weather.  Today it is 68 degrees with a sustained wind of 30 mph, gusting to 44.  On the western slope of Colorado, it is gusting to 75 mph, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  However, I am watching the shingles blow off the hay shed.  I hope the wind dries it out enough to get the horses back out to pasture soon.  Even sweet Paj is getting crabby.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mane & Tail

Boomer and Paj are getting along great.  They get along so well that Boomer has taken over my grooming duties.  Gee, thanks Boomer.

Paj's mane, styled by Boomer

Please, Boomer, not the tail!

In case you're wondering what the white dots are in the photo, why, it's snow!  Yes, it's snowing again.  Isn't that special?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Played, David Worked

This weekend I watched the Kathleen Raine clinic.  It was like getting a great lesson for free!  Later, I got to ride a very nice Shire gelding.  He's almost 4 years old. 

Oh why, oh why, am I looking down?  Haven't I been told enough times not to do this?  Arg!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, David cut weeds and scrubbed out the stock tank.  What a guy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Herd Adjustments

We are adjusting to life without Zan.  Paj misses him the most, so we moved Boomer in next to him.  They get along great side-by-side.

They are a little more tentative in the pasture, keeping a respectful distance from each other.



Reggie would really like to join Paj and Boomer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Days, 1 Post


Today was our worming clinic.  Dr. Gary and Emily came down to give Reggie, Paj, and Boomer vaccinations, check teeth, and worm.  This year we added rabies shots because of an outbreak in the neighboring county.  Reggie's teeth were fine, Paj needed some points filed off, and Boomer needs some more advanced dentistry.  Bummer. 

Paj, me, Emily, Dr. Gary


Sunday was moving day for Zan.  The lucky boy got to go home to Jan and John's new horse property.  It's beautiful.  And best of all (for us), it's only a mile and a half from us.

Jan and John's Ranch
Christmas time


Zan, we will miss your sweet face.  Be safe and have fun.  We love you, Zanny Boy.


Suzanne's Arabian horse Phamous had a dressage show Saturday.  David and I have been friends with Suzanne for a very long time, and we've known Phamous since he was 4.  He's one of those little guys with a huge personality.  We watched Suzanne train him and show him for many years.  Suzanne has a big heart, and she's leased Phamous to a young girl so he can teach the up-and-coming dressage generation.  It was touching to watch Phamous and Lysette at their first show together.

Phamous and Lysette
Hi Judges!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Plague of 3 Snow Storms in 8 Days was followed by warm temperatures.  Warm temperatures gave rise to the Plague of Mud.  The Plague of Mud was followed by the Plague of High Winds, which dried the mud out nicely.  We seem to be plague-free today.

It is cool and crisp, like a Fall day.  The coyotes have been less visible since Reggie gave them a scare.  This morning I was happy to see them frolicking in the paddock, not 20' from Paj.  Reggie was safely in his run.  The coyotes are smart enough to know which horse will chase them, and which horse will keep on grazing.  I tried to get a photo, but when I raised my camera, they faded into the prairie.

We may get more snow tonight, but we've found evidence of Spring;  our first wildflowers are blooming.

Pasque flower
cell phone photo
by Dave