Monday, April 29, 2013

The Driving Trial

The day dawned cool and clear.
At Moondance, Bob and Dave shuffled carts while Diana petted Mickey.

At the show grounds,
we weren't the only ones bundled up.
A very well-behaved Haflinger stallion

It quickly warmed up to a gorgeous day!

The trial was made up of three parts -
dressage, cones course and hazards.

First up, the dressage test.

David's first driving dressage test!
(he's ridden so many)
David's first time driving in an indoor arena!
Kate, look at those feathers!

Next phase, cones!
The cones are set 6" wider than your cart
and there's a tennis ball on top of each of them.
Knock a tennis ball off and you get a penalty.
You have to drive through them in numerical order
and in the right direction.
Oh, and it's timed.

Let's go!

It was a twisty-turny course
with some cones set pretty close to the fence.

Boomer did a great job listening to David,
and he wasn't even distracted by these spectators.
I was.

The final phase was the Hazards Phase.
Here's the pattern -

and here's a little clip -

At the end of the day
I felt like this -
 but Boomer was as fresh as a daisy.
He never even broke a sweat.

We had a great time, learned a lot,
and went home with a third place finish.
Yay Team Boomer!
 Diana, Bob, Boomer and Dave

Thank you, Elisa, for taking care of Paj, Reggie and Ben while we played.  And a huge thank you to Bob for sharing his horse, cart, harness, and truck and trailer with us!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apologies, Thank You Kate, and Show Prep

First off, my apologies for disappearing.  I didn't mean to take such a long blog break.  My sister-in-law was seriously ill, we had one blizzard too many, and I was feeling pretty low.

April 22, 2013

But now Pat has passed a major medical milestone, and it's warm and sunny. The world is a beautiful place again, and I'm back in it.

Next, a big Thank You to Kate at The Adventures of Lucy.  I won a give-away, and Kate sent me this -

It's perfect for Clydesdale feathers, especially for those special occasions like the Christmas Carraige Parade, which happens when it's too darn cold to wash feathers!  But as luck would have it, we didn't have to wait until December to try out the Absorbine Stain Remover and Whitener.  Our friend Bob (Boomer's owner), called to ask if we'd like to take Boomer to a driving trial this weekend.  Heck yes!  So Friday was Beauty Shop day. 

Did we get those feathers white?
And how did the driving trial go?
  Tune in to the next post to find out.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday and Today


60F(15C) with lots of sun.
Sheets off by 9 a.m.

10F(-12C) all day long, with high winds and lots of snow.

Oops, sorry Ben, I couldn't fit you in.
There, that's better.

And Paj, I could bearly see you at the end of the row.

Not to worry, boys.
26F(-3C) tomorrow and no snow.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stinkin' Varmints!

Even though the trees haven't leafed out yet,

and the daffodils haven't bloomed yet,

I know it's Spring
the stinkin' varmints are running amuck! 

Cute, you say?
He's harvesting my garlic bed!

Look at my side yard!
They've "burrowed" right over the hose!

And this
is where
should be!

Stinkin' varmints!