Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swiftly Flow the Days





Swiftly flow the days

Time has galloped past me.  I am looking forward to catching up on blogs in the next few days. 

Don't be fooled by the snow on the ground - we are enjoying warm weather with glorious sunrises and sunsets.  These photos are straight out of the camera.  The colors were even more spectacular in life.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scenes from a Snowstorm

the view

drift from the barn roof


We are in the middle of this week's second snowstorm.
The first storm was quite pretty. 

This one?  Not so much.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Parade

It was a beautiful day for a parade.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the wind passed us by.  The parade was hosted by the Colorado Driving Society, and made possible by great volunteers like Cyndi at Living a Dream.  There was even a volunteer passing out homemade cookies in the staging area.  That's my kind of parade.

The horses were decorated from head to tail.

The theme was Teddy Bears, and they were everywhere.

One of my favorite entries was this
impeccable Gypsy Cob.

We all waited patiently for our turn.
Bob waited.

Gossy waited.
Diana and I waited out of view.

David and Boomer waited.

And before we knew it, it was our turn!
                                                photo by Cyndi

Wow, what a nice crowd!

And who's that waving goodbye?
Why, it's Cyndi!
Visit her blog for more fun photos.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Scenes from Elvis' New Digs

Outdoor Arena

Highland Scottish Cattle

I've never seen the black version before.  Isn't he pretty?  I'm trying to make friends, but so far he's pretty skittish.

Jan and Elvis
(check out the kitty in the upper left corner)

I like this little clip - it's only 3 breaths long.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elvis Has Left the Building

On the first of November, Jan and John moved Elvis to a fancy-schmancy dreassage barn so that we could ride him in an indoor arena over the winter.  It was a lovely barn, but it turned out to be a bit too fancy-schmancy.  We didn't know it when we moved in, and it wasn't in the boarding contract, but all boarders are required to either have their horses in training ($$$$$) with one of the trainers there, or take 2 lessons a week ($$$$) with one of the trainers.  Neither Jan or I wanted that for ourselves or Elvis, so we moved Elvis on the first of December.

The new barn is working out great for us.  It's not as modern as the fancy barn, but the people are nice, the care is good, and the indoor is immense.

That little dot at the far end is Jan and Elvis

The outdoor arena has a beautiful view of the front range, and I'm just itching to ride in soon as it warms up 40 degrees or so.  There are about 20 horses, and it's a quiet barn.  Yesterday I had the indoor all to myself, and today it was just Jan and me.

Jan and Elvis

Another nice thing about this barn is that if we need the barn manager, Deb, we know where she lives - right next to Moondance Ranch!

Our view of Deb's ranch

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in Business

I have a camera!  On my last post, I forgot to add a key camera requirement - it had to be available locally.  That means WalMart - the only store with cameras for tens of miles.  So off I went with my list of possibles, and they had exactly one of them.  I am the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot elph 300 HS, just like Kate at The Adventures of Lucy.  If my photos come out half as good as hers, I'll be a happy camper. 

As soon as we cleaned the barn this morning, out came the new camera.

I'm loving how good the colors are.

David demos multi-tasking.

Of course I had to take a picture of each of the horses, and since we were minus 6 degrees the other night, I thought I'd review blankets.

Reggie models the Shires Stormcheeta Combo Turnout Blanket.  In the good column, it's a tough warm blanket with good coverage for horses with a Thoroughbred build.  In the bad column, it tends to slip sideways, which is my pet peeve in horse blankets, and a deal breaker.  Also, it's not cut deep enough for fat Baroque type horses.   Reggie inherited this blanket from Paj because although they both wear size 86 blankets, this one didn't cover Paj's belly.  Enough said.

Paj is wearing the Pessoa Tundra Turnout blanket with an Amigo XL (extra long) turnout sheet and neck cover over top.  I love both of these blankets.  Amigo is the low end series of Rambo blankets.  The closures aren't as modern as Rambo's, and they only come in Army green (the xls, that is), but at less than half the cost of Rambos for the same quality, they are a great buy.  I have both the blanket and neck cover in two weights - heavy and unlined - and by combining them with the rest of Paj's wardrobe, we can cope with nearly any weather.  Paj doesn't grow much coat and he's on the fragile side, so I coddle.

Ben is our wooly mammoth.  This cold spell has been the first time it's been cold enough to put him in his new blanket.  Boomer and Ben both have RaDon blankets.  The website says that every item is custom tailored.  That's a good thing, because not too many tack stores carry size 96 blankets.  They even have their names on them.

It was hard to take this photo because Ben is friendly.

Very, very friendly.

Tomorrow I'll figure out how to tweak my photos.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Camera Advice Wanted

My little camera is well and truly gone.  It was in my coat pocket when I left the house for Mickey's last class of "Tunnels and Jumps".  We visited every tree on the way into class, and when we got in the building, it was no longer in my pocket.  After class, sweet Cyndi from Living a Dream tried to help me find it in the dark with light from her cell phone.  No luck, and it snowed that night.  David and I have been back twice, and it is gone.  I doubt it would have survived the cold and snow anyway.  So I'm in the market for a new camera.  Any advice? 

The new camera has to be little enough to fit in a pocket, and tough enough to survive barn life.  It can't be too expensive because I've sent one through the washer, and lost one. 

Things I liked about my old camera -
     it had a slide cover for the lens, which is nice when you're cleaning stalls all day
     the software was very user friendly
     it took nice videos

Things I didn't like -
     picture quality wasn't great
     the zoom was too weeny
     the macro didn't focus very well
If anyone has a little camera they like, I'd love to hear about it.