Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Days, 1 Post


Today was our worming clinic.  Dr. Gary and Emily came down to give Reggie, Paj, and Boomer vaccinations, check teeth, and worm.  This year we added rabies shots because of an outbreak in the neighboring county.  Reggie's teeth were fine, Paj needed some points filed off, and Boomer needs some more advanced dentistry.  Bummer. 

Paj, me, Emily, Dr. Gary


Sunday was moving day for Zan.  The lucky boy got to go home to Jan and John's new horse property.  It's beautiful.  And best of all (for us), it's only a mile and a half from us.

Jan and John's Ranch
Christmas time


Zan, we will miss your sweet face.  Be safe and have fun.  We love you, Zanny Boy.


Suzanne's Arabian horse Phamous had a dressage show Saturday.  David and I have been friends with Suzanne for a very long time, and we've known Phamous since he was 4.  He's one of those little guys with a huge personality.  We watched Suzanne train him and show him for many years.  Suzanne has a big heart, and she's leased Phamous to a young girl so he can teach the up-and-coming dressage generation.  It was touching to watch Phamous and Lysette at their first show together.

Phamous and Lysette
Hi Judges!

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Suzanne said...

OH Terry...who is that cute arab???? Thanks for including him in your blog. I'm touched.