Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phase Two - a Place to Ride

Oh happy day!  We are putting in a riding arena.  It was bittersweet to see the frontend loader rip up the pasture.
It was much easier to see the result

Crusher fines will be delivered Friday, and the sand will be delivered early next week.  The pasture is strictly off limits to the horses during construction, so the paddock is taking quite a beating. 

This pretty guy was on the barn door this morning


in2paints said...

OOH! How exciting!! Looks like the perfect size and perfect location. I'm sure the horses are quite excited. ;)

Louise said...

Super! Large dressage arena size?

Terry said...

Becca, I don't think Paj is too keen on going back to work, but I really miss dressage. Paj loves riding around the neighborhood, so we'll still do plenty of that.

Yep, Louise, it's full size. Oh happy day. I've worried about the footing - it's very hard on the lane, and we want to do our best for our horses.

Jabacue said...

The tail of the Dragonfly looks like a Totem Pole! What a beautiful setting for an Arena.....lucky horses!
Yes, I am one of Sophie's humans. And thanks....that was a hilarious blog wasn't it.

Lori Skoog said...

What a beautiful arena. We put blow sand in ours and it has lasted for years and years. A man comes with a tractor and a rototiller and works it up for me several times a year...the footing is beautiful.

sophie said...

An arena for 'us' 4 legged creatures to tear around in...right?! :-) I would make short order of that area..I love to run and I also love horses because I used to spend time at a farm, a daycare farm down the road.

John Gray said...

big job....and I get overfaced with strimming some weeds!!!

Funder said...

Congratulations! Lovely dragonfly picture, too.