Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clinic - Day 1

Day one of the Steffen Peters/Janet Foy clinic was a smashing success.  Elvis handled his first bath, first braiding, first public appearance and first clinic with great maturity.  He never even glanced at the rows of bleachers or folks sitting in lawn chairs.  He was a star.  Owner Jan, friend Diana (Boomer's owner) and I had front row seats.

Day one of the clinic focused on the correct basics for each level.  Janet Foy (FEI "I" judge) addressed each group from the judge's perspective, and then Steffen Peters (Olympic team bronze medalist and current World Cup gold medalist) helped each rider/horse improve.  He emphasized fairness, mutual respect between horse and rider, and setting a high standard.

There were professional videographers there, so I only took a small clip of  Elvis' ride.

photo by Jan

I don't like pictures of myself (ugh) but I couldn't resist this one.  See how the hair on the top of my head is climbing right up Elvis' mane?  Just like "Avatar"!

Day 2 of the clinic (today) is all about the test movements.  It's also Father's Day, so I wanted to stay home with the father of our horses, dog and cats.  David is the best father in the world.

Callie continues to improve.  Her appetite still isn't back to its normal state, but it's getting better and better.


Lori Skoog said...

Elvis is beautiful! Nice to catch a photo of you too. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!

Java's Mom said...

OK, I"m slow on the uptake: who is Elivs?... is he a friend's horse? He is obviously a mega cutie.

Java's Mom said...

Adding (oops), SO glad to hear Callie is on the mend and home.

Terry said...

Hi Java's Mom,

Elvis is my buddy Jan's horse. (Remember the appaloosa Zan I boarded? He's Jan's retired horse and home with her now.) I consider myself Elvis' Auntie, if that's not too sickeningly sweet.

Java's Mom said...

OH, OK, thank you for putting the connection together for me. Does Jan ride Elvis, or is she an owner who watches him develop and compete? Just curious. Thank you.