Monday, July 28, 2014

Went to a Garden Party

This weekend 9News garden expert Rob Proctor opened up his home and garden as a benefit for the Dumb Friends League.  Tour a garden for my favorite cause?  You bet!

The house was built in 1905.  The front of the house has a "wild" garden.  The interior is utterly charming, in the style of A Brit in Tennessee (click here).

In the back, beauty abounds.

There are flower beds,

garden structures,

lots of cozy seating

and pots.
Lots and lots of pots.

Our host served refreshments and answered gardening questions.
The main question?
How many pots in your garden, Mr. Proctor?


Sorry about the fuzzy photos.  My little point-and-shoot camera is having trouble focusing.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Moving Right Along

We miss our boarders Boomer and Ben.  Boomer was with us from our first day on the ranch 5 years ago.  But we are moving right along, doing a major clean-up in the barn.  David is well ahead of me.

 David has power washed both Ben and Boomer's stalls.

 Now he's working on the runs.

 I'm slowly working on treating the wood in Ben's stall.

I'm slower than Dave because I've been playing hooky.  Paj and I have been enjoying pasture walks.  With Paj's bum hoof, I don't want to work him in the sand of the arena.  I worry he might pull that shoe.  So we're having fun in the pasture.

 Away we go.

 Paj threw in a little Spanish walk, completely unasked for.

I'll leave you with our special visitor.  We hear this guy at night, but to have him outside our bedroom window in daylight is a rare treat.

Great Horned Owl, seen through the window screen