Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's Finds

The prairie continues to change, with some flowers fading and others just starting to bloom.  Here's a few of today's finds -

Western Spiderwort
This flower is such an intense blue.  It's a morning bloomer, closing by noon. 

Blue Mist Penstemon

Scarlet Gaura

I've gone back a couple of posts and made some identification corrections, by the way.

And last, updates.  Day 2 of Elvis' clinic went great, and Callie is about 90% better.  Yes!


Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like good news all around.

Louise said...

That Blue Mist Penstemon is gorgeous! I looked it up, but it only grows in the West. I'm glad that Callie continues to improve.

John Gray said...

you should write abook about these plants..quite beautiful

Callie said...

Beautiful photos! I misidentified some sage as thyme. I need to correct that on my blog. Thanks for the fox moat idea that you left on John's blog. I would love to run a second fence around the three acres, but I would need to find some low cost fencing. Hope Callie cat is all better.

sophie said...

Absolutely gorgeous shade of is my favorite color, bar none!

sophie said...

Me again...yes...I do have alot to choose, beach/city and throw in a river, canal,town and a car ride toi anywhere...woohoo!