Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barn Concert

Adwyn's barn concert is my favorite event of the summer.  The first concert celebrated the one year anniversary of his new barn.  This concert was the eighth annual concert.  It's a fun mix of musicians, horse people, and dogs.


The most fun part of the concert is the finale.  Adwyn passes out a surprise piece, and the musicians play it cold.  It sounds great!  How do they do that?

Adwyn has three horses.  Buddy is a pinto rescue.  Wulf is an Oldenburg, and a brother to David's horse Reggie.  Teton is a retired Grand Prix dressage horse.  He's 30 years old, but he looks about 15.  The horses were much too busy getting treats to pose for pictures for me, which gives me the perfect excuse to show this old clip of Teton teaching me passage.  He was very kind to me.  See how he quits when I lose my position and start bouncing on him?  Good boy!

Jan and John took care of our horses and Clifford so that David and I could go to the concert together.  Thank you so much, Jan and John.

I had a fight with Blogger this morning and had to recreate this post.  I accidently lost a comment.  Sorry.


sophie said...

Don't lose mine...I would love to hear the music!

~ Tom said...

Wonderful photos of the concert ~ such intent musicians! Like sophie, I would love to hear the music!