Friday, June 18, 2010

Callie is Home!

I am so happy that Callie is home.  Her temperature came down to normal this morning, so they let me take her home.  She's eaten a little bit, and she's sleeping soundly.  I think she's going to be OK.  Her vets think she had a flu-like infection. 

This calls for some wildflowers to celebrate!  These are all growing in the paddock.
Lupine (Paj in background)

Louise had a photo of lupines a few posts ago.  I like the idea of lupines blooming so far away, and in such different growing conditions.

Ground Plum

Fendler's Sandwort

Tomorrow is a big day.  Jan's horse Elvis is making his first public appearance.  He's going to be one of the demo horses in the Steffen Peters/Janet Foy "Dressage Through the Levels" clinic.  That's a big first outing!


Louise said...

Yay for Callie being home! I'm so glad that she is better.

Your lupine is prettier than my lupine, because mine didn't have a flower on it. I hope it's as pretty as yours next year.

That's wonderful news about Elvis. I'm impressed that he is going to a clinic with those big names. You'll have to take many pictures and give us all a report of how you thought the clinic went.

Funder said...

Yay, glad she's back! One of my cats pulled that stunt a couple years ago - vomiting, fever, hiding under the bed waiting to die. Antibiotics and some subQ fluids set him right as rain.

You really inspire me to take more pictures of my mysterious wildflowers! Yours are lovely and totally different from what I see.

in2paints said...

So glad Callie is home!! Hope she's feeling back to 100% soon.

I can't believe how many different types of wildflowers you have there! They're beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear that Callie is home and feeling better.

Sounds like a big day for Elvis coming up. That's pretty cool.