Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gravel in Connecticut, Crusher Fines in Colorado

Check out Java's Barn!  My friend Java's Mom is making gravel covered pens for the lovely Java and her friend Stretch, and they referenced us!  How nice!  (Gee, I hope it works for her.  Gulp.)  Her blog is the first blog I ever saw.  I started following her, and it opened up the world of blogging for me.  It's been so much fun to read blogs from far away, and see what other people's worlds are like.  Thanks, Java's Mom.

Back at the ranch, the arena is progressing nicely.  In fact, I'm thrilled with it.  We had 10 truckloads of crusher fines delivered.  Here's the first load -
The crusher fines form the sub base of the arena.  Hopefully they will keep the arena from becoming a swimming pool when we get precipitation.  After our last big storm, one of the local arenas had a pond in the middle, complete with a paddling duck.  I really hope that doesn't happen to us.  We also have a gentle grade to aid in drainage.

We have 10 loads of sand coming Tuesday and Wednesday.  Java's Mom and I were joking about being the kind of  girls (well, in my case, old lady) who get excited about gravel and crusher fines.  Is that normal? 


Louise said...

Who wouldn't get excited about gravel and crusher fines? I mean, seriously, it's going to be so great to have an arena. So, yes, it's normal ----- for a horseperson.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting that not many of us horse people are normal.

Java's Mom said...

normal or not, I can't contain the excitement about footing, or any farm or stable improvements actually. OK, what are crusher fines, is that like angular sand?

Hey, thanks for the link to my blog! You were so wonderfully helpful with the gravel questions I had, we won't be dissapointed. Once they go out in the new pens when they are totally finished, of course I'll give my review. I know Java will like it.

Can't wait to see your ring completed, how fantastic!!!