Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday - Elvis' First Show

Oh my!  Jan's horse Elvis could not have been better at his first show.  He made his debut with First Level Test 1 and First Level Test 4.  The judges were Lilo Fore and Hilda Gurney.  His scores were 65% and 66%.  For you non-dressage folks, those are wonderful scores!  Way to go Team Elvis!

I have been trying to upload his tests to youtube with no luck this morning.  I'll update if/when I get them loaded.


JJ said...

He's so handsome ~ Congrats on the great scores!!

Louise said...

I missed this somehow, yesterday. Gosh, he is certainly a fine looking guy. Glad to hear that he did so well. What wonderful scores, especially for a first show!

Lori Skoog said...

Where was the show held? Those are very impressive judges. Good for Elvis and his rider...great scores.

allhorsestuff said...

My sissy used to ride for Hilda G.
I think your friend did so well and good boy rock!