Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brr. Just Brr.

First a quick note on the eye stuff, and then we'll move on.  I'm doing well.  I'm on a lifting restriction of 20 pounds, so David is doing the heavy work.  Other than that, and wearing eye protection in the barn, it's business as usual.  The cold weather sure isn't business as usual.

Boy, is it cold.  It was -4F(-20C) when we got up to feed this morning.  It's still -4.  We're looking at -5 tonight, and a warmup to 15 tomorrow.  I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for worrying about the horses.

Reggie is a tough old guy who's never been sick a day in his life.  But Paj is delicate.  He's had ulcers and colic in the past, and big temperature changes are especially hard on him.  So we do all we can to protect the boys.  Reggie is comfortable in his blanket, and Paj is comfortable in a sheet, blanket and neck cover.  They are stall bound today due to the cold and snow, so we are hand-walking a few times a day.  Paj is getting an ulcer preventative, and I am making "hydro hay" by soaking the hay at extra feedings to make sure they stay hydrated.  They are also getting salts to keep them drinking.  That's about all we can do.  So far, so good.

 Hand walking
 Why, yes I am wearing 2 hats!
And 2 pairs of pants.
And 2 pairs of glasses.
photos by Dave


sonia a. mascaro said...

I am glad you are doing well, dear Terry!
Looks very, very cold indeed!

Cricket said...

I was so not ready for this.

Fundy Blue said...

You had to put up that header, didn't you, Terry? Burrrr! I'm bound to my space heater today. I'm glad that your eye is coming along. I hope that your horses are hanging in there warm and toasty! Stay warm!

jenj said...

Don't laugh, but I wore ski pants to feed here this morning.

It was 37 degrees.

Kay G. said...

That is SO COLD!!
Stay warm!

Alison said...

Congrats on getting back out to the barn--at least you can be out there taking care of the boys, instead of worrying about them from the house. But...what the hey?? I was just outside raking leaves, wishing I'd worn shorts because I was so dang hot! Hard to believe we're in the same country sometimes.

Leeshh said...

Glad you're healing well.
And WOW. That is cold. I don't think I've ever been in that kind of conditions. I'm spoiled by Australian winters.

Dreaming said...

I'm so glad that you can get back to barn duties, although, perhaps this wasn't the best time, eh?!
Brrrr…. I remember those days when heading to the barn meant donning ski pants, extra layers, my "Russian Fur" hat with ear flaps….
Stay warm!

Lori Skoog said...

Sure don't envy your weather and I'm afraid it is headed our way. Don't even want to remember what -4 feels like. Glad your eye is improving and that you are able to get out to the barn with your sweet ponies.

Em Parkinson said...

Great to hear you're okay Terry and I wish it was cold here as all the spring bulbs are starting to come up because it;'s so mild. I'm going to regret wishing for cold I imagine! Keep safe and no heavy lifting....xx

Jim said...

Brrrrrrr is right, Terry! That header tells all!
Happy to hear you are progressing and taking the necessary precautions. In no time things will be back to normal.
Paj and Reggie are in good hands I see. Keep warm you guys!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

-4F?? WOW. That's cold! But I'm one of the weirdos who likes that weather. So glad to hear about your eye getting better. I wish you a wonderful weekend :)

fromsophiesview said...

Whoa, your weather! We have rain right now but some parts of our probinve have snow and rain, messy stuff. Your temps are super low too. Is that normal?

Now walking the horses looks like a fun thing to do, both getting exercise, that's a good thing.

Take care with your vision restrictions. Sophie just jammed her nose into my wrist ~ telling me in her way that she wants to go out in the rain ~~ Doodles are in Charge right!?!

OK then let's go!


Laura @ Bit by Bit said...

Ugh, I don't envy you having to deal with minus 20. I grew up with those kind of winters and I have become a real wimp about the cold since moving to a warmer climate. Even minus 4 Celcius seems too cold for my liking!