Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Herd at Moondance - Part 1

It's time to introduce the critters of Moondance Ranch, starting with the biggest.


Bob's horse Boomer is the biggest guy at Moondance Ranch. He's an 18.2 hand Clydesdale and weighs 2,200 pounds. Here he is back in his Bud days. He's the lead horse on the driver's right.

The Bud Days

These days, Boomer enjoys pleasure driving,

First drive at Moondance - Bob, Boomer, Dave


Bob, Boomer, and Diana at Parker Christmas Parade

and even dressage.

Dave and Boomer at Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Show

Boomer is an all around good guy, and a ton of fun. Get it? Ton of fun?