Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We bought gravel for the inevitable mud in the runs. Paj's pretty white feet with the thin soles leave him vulnerable to abscesses. The last abscess caused a lot of pain and took 3 vet visits, lots of soaking, iodine, wraps, stall confinement, and $400 to cure. Paj and I and Dr. Gary and Ray would rather not go through that again. Thus the gravel.

What I learned about gravel:
1 ton of 3/8" pea gravel will cover 90 square feet. Since we're trying to cover an area roughly 60x60, or 3,600 square feet, we need 40 tons. Gravel comes by the truck load, at 2-16 tons per truck load. We opted for a 16 ton load, and will get more after we get the first load moved. And by moved, I mean wheel barrelled into the runs.

I keep hearing Tennessee Ernie Ford's velvet bass voice in my ear - "You load 16 tons-whatta you get? Another day older and deeper in debt..." Hmmm.

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