Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Ghost of Resolutions Past

Happy New Year 2011 Pictures, Images and Photos

I have to make a dreaded New Year's resolution.  I haven't had to make this resolution in many years, but I hereby resolve to lose weight.  Apparently, if you take a few months off from doing physical labor and lay around eating bon-bons instead, you gain weight!  Who knew?  Oh, and evidently eating massive quantities of holiday goodies is bad too.

The end of 2010 was bitterly cold, but the horses handled it very well.  They were stall bound and bored, so we fed extra hay throughout the day.  Santa left quite a few treats that we doled out too.   It's -8F this morning with the wind chill at -15, but it's supposed to get up to 25, so there will be turnout this afternoon.  Hopefully nobody will be too silly, Paj.

I want to congratulate my friends Suzanne and Jan on their Rocky Mountain Dressage Society year-end awards.  Suzanne's horse I'm Phamous was the highest scoring Arabian in 2010.  This is a remarkable achievement.  Phamous is a very young 19 years old, and he was ridden by a 14 year old girl in her first year of showing.  What a good boy!
That's Phamous with his year-end ribbon.  He won a huge perpetual trophy too.  What a cutie!

Jan's horse Elvis won the year-end Futurity award.

Well done, Phamous and Elvis!  Here's to 2011!

And here's to a happy 2011 for all!


Sharon said...

I sure hope you get your warm up, so the horses can stretch their legs and get some exercise! It has been so cold for you!

Very nice awards, congratulations!

Janet said...

What a brilliant achievement -fantastic cup and ribbons ! Happy new year Terry ! we have the same new year resolution !lol x

in2paints said...

Congratulations to everyone! What beautiful awards, and well deserved it sounds like.

Happy New Year, and here's to a great 2011!!

sophie...^5 said...

Happy New Year Terry! hope you have a good year with you family. Such a treat to read posts and I hope you have plenty more of them to come!

Louise said...

Brrrr, that's cold! I hope that the afternoon turn out went well, with a very safe period of bucking and snorting. Sigh, I should join you in that resolution, but I probably won't. I like my food all too much.

Lori Skoog said...

Faaareeezin! Please don't send it this way! Your two friends did so well this showing season. I've seen your posts and both horses are fabulous.

Canyon Girl said...

What a gorgeous horse and a great win. I can just imagine how that 14-year old must feel. I hate to tell you, but I lost weight while recovering from my accidents. I'm supposed to see a nutritionist next week to learn how I can gain back 20 lbs without doing damage to my diabetes care. Should be interesting. I guess portion control in reverse may be one solution. Happy New Year! May it be a healthy one. -- Inger

Canyon Girl said...

I forgot to mention that I just love the title of this post.

Tracey said...

Happy new year to you! Love Tracey xxx

Razzberry Corner said...

Ha, I've been eating too many holiday goodies, too! And now I need to lose 10 pounds! I've started my exercise routine last week, but couldn't keep my hands off the Christmas cookies, and so I lost no weight, but my legs and abs and arms are pretty sore now. I resolve to not eat sweets til I lose this 10 pounds!

Happy New Year!!

Texan said...

Wow its reallllly cold there! brrrr... try to stay warm!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Oou, yea..unfortuneatley, I DO NOT have your very good excuses for the wieght gains of this year. I am joining you we may comiserate together!

Lovely Arabian with huge achievments! That young rider, she did fabulously too!
Thanks so much for your complete sentiments for the new year for all of mine i mention on the blog!!

Happiest of New Years beginings to you and yours too!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm afraid I've been pretty naught myself with the massive eating of holiday goodies! My poor stomach is never going to heal if I don't behave.

Our horses aren't getting out either because of threacherous ice. They're going to be sooo wound up when they finally do. I am dreading that.

Congratulations to both horses and riders for jobs well done! Very Cool!

Happy New Year to you!

Funder said...

That is a super cute little Arab!

Yes, bonbons are only good for the brain. Sometimes the brain needs them though. Good luck with your resolutions!

Jabacue said...

All the best Terry in 2011!

Sandy said...

congrats to PHamous and Elvis. I hear ya about the weight thing...arrgg..