Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dirty Horse Contest

Now, I know we can't compete with the mud puppies like Abbe, Cash, and Gen.  After all, we're as dry as dirt.
Boomer's hoof print in the pasture.
You can even see the nail prints from his shoe.

So let's see our contestants in the Dirty Horse Contest.

Oh, not bad, Paj.
You've gone from chestnut to dun.
Let's take a closer look -

It's deep-down ground-in dirt.
Oh great.
After I get you cleaned up, I'm putting a sheet on you.

What's that, Ben?
You want to compete too?
Let's see what you've got, buddy.


What's that, Paj?
You have another entry?
I just finished cleaning you up.
And I put a nice clean sheet on you.

Oh Paj.
I think you win.


Lori Skoog said...

Boy! You must have warmed up out there. But sorry, no horse that I have seen can touch Abbe in the get filthy department. Nice try Paj.

OnTheBit said...

Hahaha...I give Paj an A for effort, but until you see the water going down the shower drain as brown when you step in your horse is not dirty :P Your ponies are adorable!!!!! Filthy or not Paj and Ben are so smoochable!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, wow... you have your work cut out for you! At least they didn't roll in mud!

A Normandy kitchen said...

I just think they wanted to keep you warmer with all the extra grooming they now need!! See it as thoughtful really...

jenj said...

Paj does a lovely job, but Cash says that mud sticks better and lasts longer. Also, Cash wants to know if Paj can flip over and do both sides? That's very important for a professional rolling job.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I agree with Lori. Her Abbe is a pig :-D.

fromsophiesview said...

You ARE dry out there, Terry! I'll send some moisture your way if you so desire! Paj is a winner, hoofs down! LoL!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog as always, Dear Terry! -- your bro Joe

Fundy Blue said...

Thank you for my first good laugh of the morning - not at all the work you have to do - but at the humor you put into your post. I so enjoyed it! Hopefully dry is better than wet dirt! Have a good day, Terry!

Jim said...

I never realized a horse could get so dirty! Must take forever to get cleaned! Yes, Paj wins this time. Is he always the winner?

in2paints said...

I read this post and ran out to the barn to kiss Lilly on her sweet, clean nose. She got cookies too. :)

Terry said...

Jen - oh yes, he rolls all the way over and does both sides. He also grinds his face into the ground. He's special.

Jim - yep, he's a winner, lol.