Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horse Drawn Farm Equipment

Neighbor Doyle owns most of the land between our house and town.  He once owned the land where our ranch is, and the land of all of our immediate neighbors.  His family homesteaded this area.  Lately he's been decorating the drive into town with old pieces of horse drawn farm equipment.

Two Row Seed Planter

Seed Drill
When David was a little boy on the farm, he'd man a drill like this one while his father pulled it with a tractor.

Wind has tipped this Double Row Plow onto its side.

Hay Rake


I think this is part of a reaper,
but I'm not sure.

Gleaner Combine

Gleaner Combine

And last,
a mystery.
If you know what this is,
please share.

I will ask Doyle what the heck this is the next time we see him.  He comes up our lane to let us know how much he appreciates all of David's hard work making the ranch look great.  I appreciate it too. 

The old farm implements make me think about all those hard working horses that pulled the equipment. 


IanH said...

I could put that two point plow to work today! I think the last one is a seed cleaner, but I'm not sure. The light stuff would go out the top of the cyclone, and the seeds out the bottom. I'd be interested to find out.

Mary said...

What a treat to see all that farm equipment. It really is fun to imagine horses out working with all that farm equipment, they worked so hard. Every one did. I look forward to learning about what that last contraption is.

Inger said...

I love stuff like this. Great pictures and what a good idea to put all these historical pieces out there for all to see and learn from.

Inger said...

Thank you for caring about Samson and leaving comments for us. They mean a lot. And I feel better today.

Jim said...

A regular museum along that road! A lot oh history there, Terry. I have no idea what the last one is....something is stored in that mini silo though?

Ron Stone said...

I collect old farm equipment and would say the last item is a hammermill. We have a much smaller hammermill we used for grinding barley into flour.

allhorsestuff said...

Those old reminders ate fabulous!!
That last one reminded me of something to fill up the wagon with!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh, I love those old farm pieces, they evoke memories of days long gone, and hard, long days in the fields...
We have an old Oliver mower, it makes me smile sitting out there in the field :)

Ruth said...

All that equipment still looks in pretty good considering how old they must be.
That last one looks like some sort of grain crusher or a machine to separate the shuck from the seeds?? I don't know.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love seeing your beautiful landscape!

Claire said...

Lovely pictures and blog! Thanks for sharing!

I went to the Small Farmer's Journal Horsedrawn Auction in April and saw many beautifully restored pieces like this, most purchased for working farms. Pretty neat stuff. Some of you interested folks might want to check out

Keep up the great work!