Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The War on Mud

The forecast called for 6-12" of snow. We didn't get that, but we did get three days of sleet, rain mixed with snow, and driving rain.

Reggie - is it ever going to stop raining?

The best part of the barn is the overhang. The horses all align themselves under the overhang to stay dry, or to stay out of the sun on hot days. Their stall doors are open, and they could go inside, but no.

The first battle in our War on Mud was staged on the runs. The runs in the photos below are side-by-side, and the photos were taken within minutes of each other. (Please note that I finished priming the runs before the big rain!)

Dirt run after the big rain

Gravelled run after the big rain
The second battle in the War on Mud is being fought on the pathways around the barn. We've had two truck loads of crushed stone delivered.

David watches anxiously

The path to the hay barn after the big rain

The path after crushed stone
The third battle will be fought in the backyard, featuring Clifford, the Amazing Trench Digger. But that's another story.

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