Friday, July 1, 2011

Ben Needs a Job

Ben's bored.  Can you tell?
(turn your speakers on)

He needs a job.  David is putting him to work.
They've been doing some lunging, but what Ben really likes
is going down the lane.

He has steering

and brakes!

They are off to a good start.


Dreaming said...

Oh, how funny!
My boys want to work, too. They are bored!
When this blooming house is done maybe then....

Texan said...

What does he have in his mouth he is thrashing around making that noise? Yep he looks like he is saying... "hello" remember me I am here.. "hello" ....

He is beautiful for sure!!!

Louise said...

He has steering, and brakes, and he also has the cuteness factor going for him, big time. He'll enjoy working, just for the attention he gets.

Lori Skoog said...

I would love to ride that boy! He is gorgeous and appears to be very gentle.

Sharon said...

He's gorgeous too!

Janet said...

Love the way he turns and looks at the camera- NOW !! HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION ? He is adorable though-have a great weekend xxx

Deanna said...

Haha - watched the video twice! Too cute!!

in2paints said...

He looks so handsome under saddle!!

Fetlock said...

I'd love to own one of these guys someday. They look great together!

Jim said...

What a smart looking fella! And knows how to get your attention too!

ted and bunny said...

just came over to have a look at how Ben's getting along (I do so love him!) and see he's as handsome as ever- I just love the sidebar pic of him in his smart red rug.

Reading your earlier post, I had to tell you that I put a tie across the stable door for Teddy, the horse I had before Bruce.
He was about the same height as Ben, but a Belgian Warmblood so not quite as chunky but definitely "a character" of the highest order.
One day I found him getting down on his knees trying to wriggle UNDER it to reach the feedbuckets outside which were waiting to be washed- wouldn't have been so bad, but all the buckets were empty anyhow!

Hope you're having a good weekend