Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friends and Fencing

Yay!  It's been a very nice week.  We've had visits from family and friends, and the fence is coming along nicely.  My brother Tom and sister-in-law Pat came out from North Carolina for a visit.  Pat's father lives in Colorado Springs.  He is 98 years old, lives in his own house, has a girlfriend, and goes to the local Karaoke bar.  What a guy!

Our friend Bob lent us Boomer and the surrey so we could take Tom and Pat for a drive.  As always, the Clydes were a hit.

Boomer worked his charm on Tom
while Pat made sure Ben got love too.
Pat still has that thumb, by the way.

Today we had visits from our friend and Boomer's owner Bob, and our neighbor Chuck.  I love living in country where your neighbor rides over.

That's Chuck riding Boss Man and pony-ing (is that a word?) Rooster.  They just got back from a big reining competition in South Dakota.  Boss Man won 1st place and Rooster was second!

This would be a great photo if Chuck's face wasn't shadowed
and Boss Man didn't have too many legs.
I really like Boss Man.  He's a good horse in every way.  But I digress.  Chuck came over to check out the fence progress.  The crew is moving right along.  All the posts are set, and they are working on drilling the holes and inserting the insulator tubes.  It's 5 strand fencing, so that's a big job.

We've had monsoon rains every day since they started.
It's caused some problems.



Sharon said...

Boss Man has a good look to him!

I think our rain is done for a while. Yep - oops! That had to be some rain!

Louise said...

Boss Man is one handsome feller. And, that truck is REALLY stuck. Holy Smokes!

Texan said...

The weather can sure work against us sometimes..

I miss my brother, though he only lives a couple hours at best away I don't get to see him near as much as I would like. We are pretty close despite our lack of visits.

Flartus said...

Mm-mm, sure is a lotta pretty horseflesh out your way! Hope that truck doesn't become a permanent part of your pasture decor. :)

Jim said...

I can imagine how it must feel to see a neighbour coming for a thing you'll be planting flowers in that truck! lol

Dreaming said...

Your fence is going to be wonderful! How large an area are you fencing?
Great pictures of the big boys. Love 'em! But, Chuck's horses are good lookers, too!

If you have a photo workshop program you might be able to remove some of the shadow from his face.

Funder said...

What a fun week! Love the Clydes, they're always so beautiful, but that's a handsome palomino QH too.

Lori Skoog said...

Love all that horsey stuff. Riding to the neighbors is good. Beautiful photos....too bad about all that mud and the fence project.

Terry said...

Jim and Flartus, we think alike. I told Dave it looks like we're getting a new fence and an old truck.
Dreaming, the new pasture is about 10 acres.

Janet said...

That Boss man is one pretty horse ![is he classed as a palomino ?]great to have a neighbor ride over for a visit !Looks like the Clydes were enjoying all that extra attention ! LOL X

Once Upon an Equine said...

What a nice visit you had from family and friends. Beautiful horses and beautiful country.

Fetlock said...

Love seeing pictures of people loving on horses. Boss Man is indeed one good-looking horse (like his name, too!).

Dom said...

I am such a sucker for big, blazed horses.