Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fencing - Day 2

These guys are fast!
They showed up first thing this morning with a load of fence posts
and a cement mixer.
That's Bill the Fence Guy, helper Dan and David

They've set about half the posts!

Today's wildflower is Spiderwort.
It is a favorite of mine because of it's pretty blue color
and the way the grass-like leaves radiate out like a spider's web.
David likes it for it's other name - Cow Slobber!
The blooms last for just a day, and then they get gooey,
like...cow slobber.



Fetlock said...

I like living vicariously through other peoples' blogs...satisfying to see work getting done.

Dreaming said...

Oh how wonderful to have the fence guys come and do the hard work! Luckily our pasture was fenced at the new place, but we pounded in T posts at our first place. Ugh!
We did sink a few fence posts recently to put up our Tucker fence... and even with an auger, that wasn't fun!

I bet the horses will be in 7th heaven... and how smart of you to 'protect' the precious trees!

Sharon said...

Yep, if they do it for a living - they are good and fast, their business demands it.

Cow Slobber (Chuckle, snort!)

Lori Skoog said...

You're no messing around! Those are some serious posts!

Janet said...

Satisfying to see a task done professionally and so quick of course it helps when they have all the right equipment-love the name cow slobber !

Louise said...

Spiderwort is one of my favorites, also. But, I never heard it called cow slobber. I like it! From the looks of those posts, you are going to have one spectacular fence there. No escaping to see what's on the other side from a bastion like that.

Jim said...

Same here! We some growing and it is in bloom now. Very prolific but not 'wild' here.
Look forward to seeing the end result of the fence.

Liesl said...

We also need new fencing,my endurance horses have been jumping over,through,crawling under.., our fences this whole week!!!