Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stall Cleaning (The Poop on Poop)

We keep the stall-to-run doors open unless it's really cold or really windy.  It's better for the horses, and better for the barn crew (that would be me and David).  When we walk into the barn in the morning, this is what Paj's stall looks like -
It's completely clean, and his poo piles are neatly at the end of his run.  Easy cleaning!  Reggie is next.  His stall isn't quite so tidy.  He poos inside and outside.  We call him The Shark because he never quits moving.  He walks through his piles, scattering little pieces everywhere.  Slow cleaning.  On the plus side, he has a urinal in his run, so his stall is always dry.  His urinal is a favorite pee spot which we keep filled with pea (pee?) gravel.  Works great.  Boomer is somewhere between Paj and Reggie on the cleaning scale.  He's really only messy because he's such a big guy.  Ben is the most unique.  He's pretty good about going outside, and he's straight as an arrow.  This is what we see in the morning -


Manure Cart Review

We have 3 manure carts.  I'd never buy this style again -
It has a backward tilt, which is a pain, and the kickstand is even worse.  The kickstand catches on everything.  You can easily dump a bucket of manure when you don't mean to.  Ugh!  The tires have failed too.  I pretty much hate it.

This is a good cart.  You can reconfigure it to move hay or bagged shavings.  The big wheels make it easier to pull through snow and nicest to use for pasture cleaning.  I like this cart a lot.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it's wider than my favorite cart.  It's not unwieldy, it's just that I'm going in and out of stalls before the morning coffee's kicked in, and I will occasionally hit the side of the doorway.  It's like driving your little car and then switching to the station wagon.

This is my favorite cart.  It's handy.  It's at least 10 years old and held together by wire and cotter pins.  My only complaint is that it's absolutely no good in the snow.


JJ said...

Ah if only every horse can be like Paj! What a tidy horse!!

Those straight poos are too funny, I wonder if he goes back in his line to poop, or it it's strictly coincidence?

Sharon said...

Who in the world would ever thing that a post on horse poop would be interesting?

Me! Good post! Love your favorite cart!

Louise said...

Horse people are obsessed with poo, of course. The first thing we do when we walk into a stall is check the poo and make sure it's normal. Then, we check the water bucket, to make sure they've drunk. After that, we can breathe again.

I love the straight line poo. That is a precise horse. Might it mean he would like dressage?

Wire and cotter pins are almost as important, with almost as many uses, in a barn as baling twine and duct tape.

in2paints said...

How very considerate of Paj!! Maybe he's trying to make up for his brother's shortcomings. :)

I have cart number two, and I really like it!

Interesting about the urinal... my parents are complaining that AJ keeps peeing in his stall (when he can go in an out as he pleases) so I was trying to think of some type of pee area they could set up outside. I wonder if he might like a spot filled with pea gravel?

Dreaming said...

Hmmm... what is it about horse people, who are fascinated by this sort of thing?!

Doc is like Paj.. and Reggie as far as liquid waste. I felt sorry for the boys when it turned cold in Oct or Nov last year and put down a bed for them. I haven't added a thing to Doc's since then! The only 'mess' he's had in the stall is when he's walked through it in the paddock and it has come out of his hoof in his stall.
Pippin is like Reggie. He is always on the move. Your shark analogy is perfect! His stall often looks like he is trying to make pie crust. He doesn't always go in his stall, but when he does, he mixes it just like we'd try to cut butter into flour for pie dough. His stall is a challenge to clean!
Ben's sense of order is very interesting!

Tracey said...

How refreshing to read a post dedicated to crap! Lovely! Everywhere looks immaculate, you have (are) a great stable hand! xxxxxxx

Jim said...

You know something, Terry? I never thought about this before and it makes perfect sense to have a cart that works/functions just how you'd want/need it to.
Do you compost the manure?

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is quite a talent Ben has to get those piles lined up so nicely. I had a horse many years ago who always pooped in the corner of her paddock farthest from her stall. It was so easy to clean up after her. I usually use a wheel barrow for daily clean up. I have muck bucket and cart #2 also. I use that mostly for the smaller clean ups and for cleaning by trailer. When Misty drops a pile in her automatic waterer, I start wishing I could put a toilet in her stall and train her to flush. Yep, we all have manure on the brain as well as under foot. You barn looks lovely.

sophie...^5 said...

Oh my jumpin's..we could use some of that manure here....really!

Janet said...

If my husband was a horse he would take after .....
nope better not comment !!!
Your place is immaculate ! xx

Texan said...

What one can learn about manure carts! I wish I had all the manure your carting in those carts in my compost pile! LOL