Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Reggie

David's Reggie is 19 years old today.  He's still in great shape.

The gray around his temples reveals his senior status,
but he has not slowed down a bit.
He's fierce, fiery and funny.
He likes to lick our hands
and he's a mechanical genius.
Doors and gates must be latched, bolted and chained
or 'someone' will open them for himself.

Reggie has been part of our family since he was 22 months old.
We have many fancy show photos, but
this photo is my favorite -
He was 3 years old, and we were starting him under saddle.
My mother captured this special moment.


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful, and looks to be a very special horse - happy birthday!

Annette said...

What a beautiful chestnut he is! And he doesn't look 19 at all. Your barn is gorgeous too --

Janet said...

Gosh what a beauty ! he sounds a right character-bet he is a fun ride too ! x

Jim said...

WOW! I can tell he is very special.....look at those eyes!
A carrot from us for his birthday!

Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy! (I love his 3 year old picture too)!

IanH said...

He is a nice looking horse!

in2paints said...

Aww, happy birthday, Reggie!! I think it's wonderful when horses get to stay with the same family for so long. I'm sure he's one happy boy. :)

Louise said...

Happy Birthday, Reggie! You sure are one handsome dude.

Dreaming said...

I hope Reggie had the best Birthday ever! He is certainly very handsome!
Some horses are so adept at escaping!
Hmmm, maybe you should develop and market a horse "Busy Box" with latches and chains and all kinds of things for them to undo!

Dreaming said...

Terry, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - even as anonymous. I mad some changes to my comment features. Maybe next time you stop by you'll have a name!

Texan said...

He is like Mr Ed. He can open his own gate and door! :O)

allhorsestuff said...

Good job, you are back!

Reggie is so expressive and gorgeous! Happy Equine Birthday, Reggie.
Bet he could have fixed your blogger problem!

Funder said...

I'm so far behind but I'm working back in time getting caught up!

To me, there is absolutely nothing more heartwarming than old horses who've had the same owner their whole lives. He looks wonderful! <3 the handlicking photo!