Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boomer Makes New Friends

Boomer and Ben have had two sets of visitors this week.  Yesterday our friends Bob and Diana brought their friend Jessica and her children Kellie and Danny to the ranch to meet Bob's Boomer.  Boomer is the kindest horse, and he's great with kids.  Of course we put them right to work harnessing Boomer.

That's Kellie with the tugs, Jessica with the lines and Danny with the bridle.

Kellie attached the tugs while David watched.

Danny headed Boomer,
and Kellie did a fine job driving with Bob and Danny.

Earlier in the week, our new friend Kay stopped by with her Borzoi.  Diana and Bob have two lovely Borzois, and Kay was in town for a show.  Her dog is the #2 Borzoi in the country.  Big Ben was a little too big for a first dog-horse friendship,

and Boomer safely in his stall was a better fit.

Kay is a great owner.  You hear stories of show dogs living their lives in crates, and it was so nice to see such a beautiful girl enjoying life like a dog should, and being a loved family member.


Texan said...

The kids looked like the were having such a good time. They are so little compared to Boomer, but then who wouldn't be little compared to Boomer!

Kay's doggy says hello horsey, nice horsey you stay in the stall okay.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh my, loved Big Boomer with those children! You can tell he is gentle.
That face of Danny's is priceless, while he sets to helping!
Sweet horsey dog meeting too. She's one gorgeous, elegant dog!

Again, so happy you are back up, and posting!

Sharon said...

Boomer is such a beautiful animal! He looks like he is a sweetie though and the children aren't afraid of his size.

Lori Skoog said...

Those big boys are something aren't they? Great shots. Beautiful, happy dog.

Louise said...

I love it when you write about the Clydes. They're such wonderful creatures, so majestic and gentle. Borzois are one of my favorite dogs. A barn owner that I used to board with always had one, and they were all sweet souls, though she was glad she had the indoor arena, because, boy, did they need their run each day.

JJ said...

I think Boomer must be worth his weight in gold. I just love his soft expression and he sure sounds like a sweet trooper, do it all kind of a horse!

Those dogs are beautiful.I've never seen a Bosoi/Borzoi (spelling)in person.

Janet said...

Its lovely seeing how happy and relaxed Boomer is around those kids and vice versa ! the kids look so small standing next to him !

Lori Skoog said...

I'm back!!!!! Barb is building a barn at her house and got a girlfriend for King Mustafa. Should be all moved by the end of the month.

John Gray said...

love danny's face in the first photo priceless

in2paints said...

Great pictures! It's always fun to watch horses interact with children. :)

Funder said...

Yall are awesome people :) Those kids look like they're having a blast!

Love Borzois. They're so crazy looking.