Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prairie Flowers for Jan

Our friend Jan has gone back East for a bit.  Jan is a botanist, so I am sending her photos of the tiny prairie flowers I found blooming today.

Easter Daisy
Townsendia hookeri
Sand Lilly
Leucocrinum montanum

Pussy Toes
Antennaria rosea
This is a particularly poor photo, even for me.  But I am using it because it's of pink pussy toes, and I haven't seen pink pussy toes on our property before.  We have some large patches of the white ones, and I'm not sure I could find these pink ones again to take a better photo.

The next two Jan will have to identify for me.  I included my fingers for scale.  My, those are some knobby knuckles!

Erysimum capitatum

False Dandelion?

Jan, we are thinking of you and your family.  Your spotted horses and itsy bitsy dogs are fine.

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