Thursday, May 27, 2010


Jan moved her horse Elvis home today.

Jan, Elvis and David


Isn't he gorgeous?  He's a 5 year old Dutch Warmblood.  He's as sweet as he is beautiful, and he's a fantastic mover.  He settled right in to his new home.

Lakota and Zan

Jan's other horses were enjoying grazing too much to come say hello.  It was wonderful to see our old buddy Zan looking so well and content.  We miss him at Moondance.

I'm sure David was thinking "Hmmm.  Her back hurts too bad to do the barn chores, and too bad to do house work, yet here we are, welcoming Elvis home.  Hmmm."  He really is the best husband in the world.


Louise said...

A nice husband like that is a treasure! But, looks like you realize that.

I rode dressage when I was younger and thinner. So, I love a good warmblood. Elvis looks very handsome.

Continued wishes that your back improves.

Java's Mom said...

Terry, I see gravel in the pic of Elvis. We are putting up small all weather pens by the barn... and I see gravel a lot out west, but not out here.. CT. Sand is preferred out here. BUT the gravel probably drains better. Do you have gravel at your place? And, how deep did you go? Have you had any problems with the gravel? And... what size it is (3/4 inch, 5/8?) and is it the round kind or angular? We would excavate the top soil off, put down geotextile then put in the sand or gravel/stone. I hope you don't mind with these questions, thank you.:)