Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Stupid Back

My stupid back is out.  I was putting iodine on Reggie's soles, went to stand up, twisted a bit, and felt shooting pain.  Now I'm in bed with a hot pack.  It's just so-o-o frustrating.  I can do heavy work, but a little twisting action takes me out.  ARG!  Thank goodness for poor David, who now has to do all of his work plus my work, and has to take care of me.

I had started to worry about Reggie.  He has always been our "Iron Man" horse.  Where Paj is a delicate tropical flower, Reggie never gets hurt or sick.  And he likes to gallop.  So to see him sedately grazing gave me pause.  Was he starting to show his years?  Or was he just too busy enjoying the spring grass (which of course put thoughts of laminitis in my head) to romp?  About the time I started worrying, Boomer had a date with his farrier.  We asked him to check Reggie's feet, and it's "just" soft soles from all the snow.  So we painted his soles with iodine to toughen/dry them, and I hurt my stupid back!  I clean feet twice a day, so my stupid back should be used to it!  Stupid back!  Bad!  Oh, my poor "to do" list!


Louise said...

I'm sorry that you hurt your back. It can happen any time, though, to any of us. I know a woman who twisted around to turn off a light bulb, and, bingo, one hurting back. You're smart to take care of it. Hope it feels better soon.

Terry said...

Thanks, Louise.

in2paints said...

Stupid back!

Has this happened before? Hopefully it doesn't last too long and you're feeling back to normal soon!