Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yep, it Snowed Again

It's not so bad.  Really.  The forecast was for 18"-24", and we just have a good dusting.  Paj is stuck in his stall and run until it dries out.  He's already bored.

Boomer is helping by entertaining him with some extreme grooming.

After I finished the morning chores, I took a walk down to Chuck and Elisa's.

Chuck and Elisa's Ranch

I spotted this little guy as I returned to the house.  The aspen have started to leaf out.
Spotted Towhee


in2paints said...

Sheesh! I'd say you've had enough snow already! And it is May... does Mother Nature know that?

The pictures are beautiful, but I think they'd be prettier if it was November. :)

John Gray said...

snow in MAY???
gawd....I would be livid....!!!!!
as for colin firth,,,,,he's just has his teeth done...... havent you seen mamma mia?