Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The weather is glorious.  I feel like I'm awakening from a long winter's nap.  There is so much to be done!  The boys spent their day grazing in the sunshine, interrupted only by lunch.
Did somebody say Lunch?

I was mighty glad to spend my day working on the pastures.  Those prickly pears gotta go!

Weeding Ranch-Style

Here's today's prairie flower -
Mertensia lanceolata


Funder said...

Boomer is really handsome!

I wish I knew what our wildflowers are called. I am still at the literal stage - I'll tell my husband "I saw a bunch of the teeny tiny purple ones, and I saw two big bright crimson red ones!"

~ Tom said...

Yes, Boomer really is gorgeous. (You can even tell him I said so!)

Isn't it such a great feeling to "awaken"?!?

John Gray said...

chiming bells, what a lovely name for a flower!