Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whining about the Weather, Again

This blog is turning into one long whine about the weather.  Here goes!
We had another heavy wet Spring snow. 
The local news said that in 48 hours, we got twice our average annual precipitation.  It was a limb-breaker.
If you read the "Plague" post, you know what came next; mud.  Our neighbors have a lake in their pasture, where no lake was before.  We've had to confine the horses to their stalls and runs.  At age 18, Reggie still enjoys a daily gallop, and it's just too wet to gallop.  Paj is guaranteed to pull a shoe or wrench a knee.  Only Boomer can be safely turned out.  He will peacefully graze, and if he runs, it will be a trot along the fence line where he will cause no harm to himself or the pasture.  There is a downside -
We'll be in the wash stall this afternoon.  But back to the weather.  Today it is 68 degrees with a sustained wind of 30 mph, gusting to 44.  On the western slope of Colorado, it is gusting to 75 mph, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  However, I am watching the shingles blow off the hay shed.  I hope the wind dries it out enough to get the horses back out to pasture soon.  Even sweet Paj is getting crabby.

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John Gray said...

you winge away! loads of my january posts were pure gripes!!!!!!!! and we only had a little snow!!!!