Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scenes from a Snowstorm

the view

drift from the barn roof


We are in the middle of this week's second snowstorm.
The first storm was quite pretty. 

This one?  Not so much.


JJ said...

That's so beautiful, Terry! I'm jealous :) I can't believe I actually said that, lol.

Janet said...

Very pretty-but a lot of hard work I bet !
Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your wonderful support-much appreciated xxxxx

Lori Skoog said...

We still have green grass. Sorry. I don't look forward to our first heavy snow...spoiled now.

Flartus said...

That first picture made me say "brrrr..." It's the kind of view that makes me glad to be inside (even though it's 64 degrees here today)!

IanH said...

That almost makes me wish we had more snow for Christmas! ( Note: I said "ALMOST")

Dreaming said...

We STILL have snow falling...even though the weather map shows the storm being gone!
It is is perfect for Christmas, but it does make life a bit harder!
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Kuhns Acres said...

I feel your pain. It is still snowing here. Makes it hard to finish getting ready for Christmas. The view is pretty till you have to get out in it and get your work done. I do like the round sled idea though. Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!!

in2paints said...

Wow! Well at least it looks like Christmas somewhere! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Ruffles said...

Wow!! Just in time for Christmas.

Funder said...

Too much snow! We haven't gotten a millimeter of precipitation this month... it's a very desert Christmas out here. Not that I want to trade!

sophie...^5 said...

I heard about this storm on the news...omg Terry WINTER is there...we should get that kind of snow in January...eeh!! You know that tree is a beauty!! Listen...Have a great Xmas and Sophie just put her paw on my foot for YOU!!!

Kate said...

It looks COLD!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

So pretty! What temps do you have? We are at -14F tonight and I think still dropping-but no (wind) yet (said in a whisper so that I don't wake the wind gods!) so it feels like 40F! Was your herd full of cold weather spunkitude? Sending warm sunny non windy thoughts down south :)

sally said...

Your photos are beautiful. It all looks very Christmasy....and cold.We have just got home from the beach where we spent a week. It is going to be a hot Christmas here .....stay warm in your neck of the woods

allhorsestuff said...

Hiya Terry!!
WOWEE*** that sure looks Cold! Yes it is beautiful when one may still function somwhat normally...but when nature threatens to shut the place down it becomes rather tiresome to keep things up and running like your gorgeous ranch.

I know you all- know the drills and I am praying that you have reserves again, for the work and safetly are able to comply with the needs- each moment!

Hang in and cozy by a fire when you can..supping delicious freindships and love from family.

Merry Chrsitmas..and a toally white one at that!

Jim said...

Bet the air is fresh!!! What more do we need!
Nice warm clothes, that's what! lol

Ashley Ashbee said...

It looks like we won't have a white Christmas in Toronto after all -- certainly nothing like this, so your pictures help make up for it. Thanks!

I love big, fresh, untouched snow, layers of snow lining tree branches (ice is even cooler!). And that hazy sun is cool too. There's something very mystical about this winter scene.

And dragging a garbage bin on a sled through the snow? That's brilliant! I guess in the country, you do what you have to survive. Ha ha.

pinkglitterfae said...

wow,send some of that lovely snow up to Canada, lol!
your photos are lovely! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a blessed holiday season

Texan said...

My niece and her DH got stuck in a emergency shelter coming down for the holidays in that snow storm. Thankfully all worked out and they were safe and still made the holidays :O)with us.