Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in Business

I have a camera!  On my last post, I forgot to add a key camera requirement - it had to be available locally.  That means WalMart - the only store with cameras for tens of miles.  So off I went with my list of possibles, and they had exactly one of them.  I am the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot elph 300 HS, just like Kate at The Adventures of Lucy.  If my photos come out half as good as hers, I'll be a happy camper. 

As soon as we cleaned the barn this morning, out came the new camera.

I'm loving how good the colors are.

David demos multi-tasking.

Of course I had to take a picture of each of the horses, and since we were minus 6 degrees the other night, I thought I'd review blankets.

Reggie models the Shires Stormcheeta Combo Turnout Blanket.  In the good column, it's a tough warm blanket with good coverage for horses with a Thoroughbred build.  In the bad column, it tends to slip sideways, which is my pet peeve in horse blankets, and a deal breaker.  Also, it's not cut deep enough for fat Baroque type horses.   Reggie inherited this blanket from Paj because although they both wear size 86 blankets, this one didn't cover Paj's belly.  Enough said.

Paj is wearing the Pessoa Tundra Turnout blanket with an Amigo XL (extra long) turnout sheet and neck cover over top.  I love both of these blankets.  Amigo is the low end series of Rambo blankets.  The closures aren't as modern as Rambo's, and they only come in Army green (the xls, that is), but at less than half the cost of Rambos for the same quality, they are a great buy.  I have both the blanket and neck cover in two weights - heavy and unlined - and by combining them with the rest of Paj's wardrobe, we can cope with nearly any weather.  Paj doesn't grow much coat and he's on the fragile side, so I coddle.

Ben is our wooly mammoth.  This cold spell has been the first time it's been cold enough to put him in his new blanket.  Boomer and Ben both have RaDon blankets.  The website says that every item is custom tailored.  That's a good thing, because not too many tack stores carry size 96 blankets.  They even have their names on them.

It was hard to take this photo because Ben is friendly.

Very, very friendly.

Tomorrow I'll figure out how to tweak my photos.


Kelly (ridegroomfeed) said...

Wow, nice! The colours did turn out well. I don't know exactly what model I have but it's a Canon too - they're a good brand. I look forward to seeing more :o)

Lori Skoog said...

Terry! These photos are sensational!
The color and clarity are splendiferous. So glad you were able to get back in business with your new camera. More fun to come.

Ruffles said...

Wow! The camera takes great photos, they all look so sharp and clear.
Plus all the horses look absolutely gorgeous. :)

Flartus said...

Congratulations on the new purchase. I'm glad you're liking it so far.

Had a laugh at "baroque." Must remember to use that next time I visit the doctor. :)

Annette said...

I'm glad you found my "main" blog. Don't feel bad - I don't link the two from the poetry blog. Just the other direction. :)

Jim said...

Doesn't look like you need much tweaking! Nice job Terry! And the colours ARE great! Amazing! Good for Canon! Can't beat them! But of course it's the eye (yours) that really counts!

Next stop, Fashion Television!

Kate said...

NICE! I am glad you got a new camera. I've also been really pleased with the colours that mine displays, almost like there's a sky filter already on the lense :) You'll be really pleased with the video that it takes, too!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Wow, those big boys in their red coats is just fantastic :) You have a lovely barn

Dreaming said...

hahaha.... Baroque horses!!! Cute!
Have fun with the new camera. Sorry about the former model :(

Dom said...

It's so beautiful out there *drool*

sophie...^5 said...

Photos look very professional...colours are so clear and bright...don't be afraid of snapping a shot from unconventional angles...this I found out with Sophie's antics...sometimes you create a photo that just is spectacular...something you would never have thought of...besides if the pic looks wonky you can always delete it!

Inger said...

The colors are really beautiful as is the snow, the sky, and the horses. Soldier is doing so much better. He will get his last anti-inflammatory pill tonight. He has had them only every other day for the past week. He is back to where he was before he had that huge setback in November. There is still something wrong with his hind legs and I will discuss with the vet when he returns from vacation next week. Soldier may wear the harness for the rest of his life, that's how good it works for him. I am glad we can help to honor Clifford.

Sisterhood said...

So fun to see/read an american horse blog! :) Look at my horseblog to. ;) /Jessica, all the way from Sweden! :))