Friday, December 2, 2011

Camera Advice Wanted

My little camera is well and truly gone.  It was in my coat pocket when I left the house for Mickey's last class of "Tunnels and Jumps".  We visited every tree on the way into class, and when we got in the building, it was no longer in my pocket.  After class, sweet Cyndi from Living a Dream tried to help me find it in the dark with light from her cell phone.  No luck, and it snowed that night.  David and I have been back twice, and it is gone.  I doubt it would have survived the cold and snow anyway.  So I'm in the market for a new camera.  Any advice? 

The new camera has to be little enough to fit in a pocket, and tough enough to survive barn life.  It can't be too expensive because I've sent one through the washer, and lost one. 

Things I liked about my old camera -
     it had a slide cover for the lens, which is nice when you're cleaning stalls all day
     the software was very user friendly
     it took nice videos

Things I didn't like -
     picture quality wasn't great
     the zoom was too weeny
     the macro didn't focus very well
If anyone has a little camera they like, I'd love to hear about it.


Kate said...

My little camera is surprisingly good. It's a Canon Elph 300HS. It cost $179 on sale. It takes high-def video and the photos are crisp and vibrant. I have a full-frame Canon DSLR and I've been able to stop lugging that around all the time, and instead I've been using the Elph. The photos come out very well!

Annette said...

I have a Canon Powershot which is tiny but it is small enough to stick in my pocket. Mine is probably 5+ years old and still takes great pictures - even good macros.

Mare said...

I'm a Nikon girl all the way. You can get a nice Nikon Coolpix for under $150, and they take great pictures.

Lori Skoog said...

I'm a Canon person and have a Canon Powershot SD 1400 IS (digital elph). It is 14.1 mega pixels, fits in my pocket and has been great for me. I have taken thousands and thousands of photos with it. My advise tho, if you are taking it to the barn, keep it in a little bag of some sort. Mine is in a large "change purse." gets too dirty. After about 6 cameras, this is my very favorite. (Also have a much more powerful Powershot, but tend to use the small one).

Ann Nichols said...

Oh no! New camera time... I really liked the quality of a Cannon I had a few years ago. Unfortunately I dropped it and it broke. But the picture quality was so much better than sanyo I now have. I also really like big screens...
Happy shopping! Are you going to get one in time for Xams?!

Flartus said...

I'm another Canon fan. My last film camera was an Olympus, which was a great one. I chose Canon for my digital camera because of their support for wildlife conservation. I got the cheapest one I could find, and it's been super. Well, you've seen my pictures. :) I'm sure the newer cameras are even better! (My videos haven't come out very well, but I think that's because I've got it on a low-memory setting...must check into that...)

Happy shopping!

allhorsestuff said...

Darn, so sorry you lost your camera!!
Another Canon user here. I've an older model of the
"PowerShot". It's a rugged sort, having survived many a gallop and also runaway. Well, you see what it does on my blog.
Have fun looking!

Ruffles said...

Sorry about your camera. I don't really know very much about the brands of cameras or anything so I can't help you there.

Dreaming said...

Oh, drat. I had hoped you had found it. You did check under the seats where Mickey may have hidden it?!! (Perhaps he is camera shy?!)
I can't advise you. I just use whatever my hubby has replaced with the latest and greatest!

sophie...^5 said...

I'd push a small camera but I'm so hooked on my larger type that I would be much help. I do know the market is flooded with soooo many cameras now that I'm sure you'll find exactly what works for your needs. Just bombard a salesperson at Best Buy or such...they'll be a great help!

Jim said...

Hi Terry. Yes, you would be smart to go for a tough/sturdy one considering the barn work/horseback riding etc. As Ron said we don't have the smaller type but I know both Canon and Nikon and the other 'names' have a wide range. Have you heard of 'GoPro'? They are for taking into rough and tough situations and they are waterproof! They can get a little pricey but there are ones that are basic models (photos and video). And they are very small. Google to take a look. Good luck!