Friday, December 9, 2011

Scenes from Elvis' New Digs

Outdoor Arena

Highland Scottish Cattle

I've never seen the black version before.  Isn't he pretty?  I'm trying to make friends, but so far he's pretty skittish.

Jan and Elvis
(check out the kitty in the upper left corner)

I like this little clip - it's only 3 breaths long.


Flartus said...

lol, that steer has nothing to be skittish about! He's wild-looking.

Elvis is beautiful from any angle. I challenge you to take an unattractive picture of that horse. ;)

Ruffles said...

awww, the steer is so cute :), he's got pretty big horns too.

lol the last video.

Jim said...

First off, I can see you are lovin your new camera! The photos are so crisp!
That steer pic is magnificent...what a proud looking animal he is.

Lori Skoog said...

Love the video and the new digs. Wow.
That Highland Steer is beautiful (as are your photos).

Dom said...

I want the steer.

Dreaming said...

The smoking dragon is way cool.... well, I guess it was way cool to get that effect! Brrrrrrrrr!

sophie...^5 said...

Love the video....the "slo mo" is great...How did you do that?

sophie...^5 said...

Thanks for the "slo mo" advice!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

That is such a beautiful video...

But I MUST know...does mr. cow have a name???