Monday, May 2, 2011

It's All About the New Guy

In the morning, Ben and Reggie stayed in their runs while Paj went out to pasture and Boomer had a drive.  Boomer was full of energy!  When we finished with Boomer, he babysat Ben while Reggie played in the paddock.  We didn't want to leave Ben alone on his first day.

Big Ben in his run

All the  horses came in for lunch, and in the afternoon David and Ben had a very short get-acquainted leading session in the lunge pen.  We wanted to assess Ben's ground manners and vocabulary.  It went great!  He listens, he's respectful, and he knows the most important words a driving horse needs - ho, stand, come left, come right. 

When a horse is this big, manners count!

After his 15 minute workout, he had his first turn in the pasture while Boomer babysat from the paddock.  Boomer is feeling much more comfortable with the new guy. 

But now playtime is over, and everyone is locked inside.  Because it's snowing.  Sidewards.  Again.


Cindi said...


Janet said...

He looks right at home and so he should ! what a wonderful place you have ! I`am glad the boys are getting along - lovely to see him trotting along for such a big giant he looks light on his feet. Hard to believe its snowing where you are !

Texan said...

oh my gosh I love the big guys! Both of them! mmm wonder if I bring him a carrot will he let me pet him, ummm through the fence of course! Boomer I will bring you carrots too, cuz your, well your Boomer!

Snowing holy cow this late in the year? Though today we never made it to 50. This has to be some sort of record for Texas! Rained which I am most grateful for and very, very cool for this late in the spring!!!

Oh looks like niece and nephew will be coming to Colorado to train! The ones that run :O).

IanH said...

He is a big guy! And moves nice!

sophie...^5 said...

and I'll ignore the snow...nope I didn't see any snow!

in2paints said...

SNOW?! This time of year? Is that normal for your area?

Big Ben is beautiful and he looks super sweet. It would be so much fun to know what Boomer is thinking. :)

Lori Skoog said...

Two magnificent creatures! Wow. What's with the snow Terry?

Glad they like the card....

Funder said...

He's so cute! What's with the butt numbers - they're from the auction, right? Are yall gonna keep him? Peel the numbers off!! :)

Happy Spring. I may never get used to the mountain weather, but at least I'm not totally surprised by it anymore.

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my goodness Big Ben is so very handsome. When I first saw the pic of him wearing his blanket my very first thought was of the Clydesdale Breyer Model from the 1960's.
Snow! We had snow here a few weeks back. Strange weather these days.
Sorry I haven't been to visit your blog more often.