Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun with Clydes

What a nice day!  Diana and Bob came to see their two beautiful Clydesdales.  First it was Ben's turn.  He's been here a week tomorrow.  David has had the driving surcingle on him, so today Bob added the collar and breeching.  Then they took him for a walk.  No problem!

David, Ben, Bob

Next it was Boomer's turn.  Diana drove him today.  What a good boy!

Boomer, Bob, Diana

After work, it's treat time!
Ben thinks peppermints are OK!

Does it get any better?  Why, yes it does!  We turned them out together for the first time, and it was completely uneventful.  We had done our homework over the last week, putting them side-by-side in runs, in pasture and paddock, and even hand grazing.  So we thought we were ready, but still you worry.  And yay!  No screaming, no kicking, no schoolyard bullies. 



Anonymous said...

What good boys, both!

Jim said...

Ben looks so proud of his 'walkers'! Such magnificent creatures Terry!

Dreaming said...

Pheww! I bet that's a relief. They look like they've been together forever!
Love the peppermint video. My guys had never had treats. They didn't know carrots or apples and certainly not candy. I've spoiled them... they now know what they all are!

Lori Skoog said...

I see a lot of adventures coming up for Ben and Boomer. What a team. They are very fortunate to be living with you! Beautiful.

Janet said...

Loved the video ! my horse when I had her loved apples ! hated mints-glad the boys are getting along !

Louise said...

What a handsome boy Ben is! Almost as handsome as Boomer, but you can tell Boomer that I still think that he is "The Man." I'm slowly digging myself out of my hole and starting to visit my friends again. Thanks for sticking with me.

in2paints said...

I'm so glad the boys are getting along. That's always a nerve wracking process. Ben seems to be settling right in. :)

sophie...^5 said...

Peppermints are the answer for sure!!

Dom said...

Looks like such fun :)