Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Leola!

My beautiful aunt is 99 years old today.  In my mind, she's frozen in time like this -
The picture was taken about the time I left home for the big world.   Sharon did a post awhile back on How We See People .  For me, it's like a parallel universe.  Of course I know my aunt is 99, but in my mind she will always be the sweet and gentle woman you see here.


Janet said...

She looks a wonderful,warm and happy person in this photo ! happy birthday Leola [what a lovely name ]hope you are having a great day

Sharon said...

WOW! Happy Birthday to your Aunt Leola, 99 years young, fantastic!

I am happy to know that something I say, makes sense to other people! Thanks!

Lori Skoog said...

I'll bet your Aunt Leola is still a very beautiful woman. Birthday greetings from Skoog Farm!

Dreaming said...

Yes, I like your idea of a parallel universe. I like having people 'frozen in time'! It is so nice to have sweet memories of family and friends, and they never age and never fail or hurt.
Happy Birthday to Aunt Leola! Can't wait to see your post for her next year!

sophie...^5 said...

A beautiful person and HAPPY 99TH from the Great White North( not really that white, kinda green today...finally)!.

Jim said...

Terry, I know exactly what you mean. We will always stay the way we were and will be remembered that way. It's just that the old body begins to change very slowly.
Happy 99 to your Aunt Leola!