Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cool and Rainy

The pastures were crunching when we walked, so we are grateful for the moisture.  Really.  But it can stop now.  The boys are on lock-up, stalls and runs only.   That's because they were leaving great divots in the pastures.  Here's a couple Paj made just hand-grazing -

Imagine what this would cause -

It's not about keeping the pastures looking pretty;  it's about safety.  Those divots dry that way, and we don't want anybody catching a hoof. 

Between rain and extra horse-time in the runs, the gravel was getting a bit thin.  So today we refreshed the gravel pile, and David spent the day spreading it in the runs.  We haven't had to add gravel since August of 2009 (click here), so that's not too bad.  As you can see from the picture, it's cold enough for hat, gloves and heavy jacket.  The boys are in blankets.  Sigh.

In spite of the rain, the footing in the lunge pen is pretty darn good.  Paj had a nice lunge today.  And (drum roll, please) David got on Ben!  I missed the photo op - he sat on him just long enough to tell him what a good boy he is.  Yay!  Ben's first "ride"!  It was completely uneventful, which is exactly what we want.

Oh goody, the rain has changed to snow.  Oh joy.


IanH said...

Snow! Did you know that it is actually a 4 letter word? :0{

Liesl said...

Shame Terry,snow! Not a good way to start a weekend. So happy Ben's first "ride" was a calm one! We are still having rain here while trying to bale some hay!

Lori Skoog said...

Snow! What the heck! One of the craziest springs I can remember.

Texan said...

Snow? This late? Well its been a very nice spring almost into summer here. Temps off and on way cooler than we usually have. I wish it could stay this way for the rest of the summer. I would love it if it were like this every spring!

Now getting on a horse, um especially one as big as Ben and hoping for a uneventful experience. Whew mercy me gives me goose bumps. I am sure glad that went well!

Flartus said...

Good boy, Ben!

Well, I was going to say rain's a step in the right direction, 'cause it's not snow...but oh well.

If it makes you feel any better, it's already mosquito season here. And gnats, too. Can't forget the swarms of gnats. :)

Canyon Girl said...

It's been that cold and rainy here too. It was 32 degrees this morning. But now the sun is shining from a cloudless sky, so maybe this nice weather will move east and find your ranch soon.--Inger

Dreaming said...

Ah, so maybe the thunder I heard yesterday wasn't from the skies, but was a result of Boomer and Ben romping in pasture?!
I will have to admit that our grass is growing greener every day - and I almost think I can see that it is longer each day!
Now, let's have some warmer temps!

Tracey said...

Just my kind of weather, I'm coming over! xxx

Janet said...

What awful weather you are having-sorry you missed taking a photo of David and Ben -I was looking forward to that ! see what you mean your Clydesdales sure can do some damage when they take off !

in2paints said...

We've had a lot of rain too, but definitely no snow... it's too late in the year for that! Someone should tell Mother Nature!

allhorsestuff said...

Rain, snow...spring is so fickle!
Here too...3 0's at night, 70 during the day with mosquitos, nats, flies.

Ben is so amazing, loved the earth disturbed shots! And what size is his turnout sheet !?