Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Clinic

Dr. Gary came today for our Spring clinic.  All the horses got their shots, sheaths cleaned and teeth checked.  Paj had points that needed filing, but everybody else's teeth were fine.  I always ask Dr. Gary to check weight, and I am very happy that every horse is at a good weight.  I worry about weight.  We weigh hay and feed 1.5% of their body weight per day, but on those super-cold Colorado winter days we give extra.  It's hard to know if you are giving too much or too little extra, and it's hard to notice subtle changes when you see them every day.  We got it right, so good job, us!!!  Becky, the vet tech, said our barn is the cleanest barn she's ever seen, so double good job us!!!  And the boys were all really well-behaved.  It was a good day.

Hey, Reggie here.  It was a crappy day.  First, they backed me into a corner.  No need for that, really.  It was all downhill from there -
You stick that finger up my mouth any farther,
 and I'm gonna bite it off.

What's that in your hand, Dr. Gary?

Wormer?  Yuck!

Double yuck!  I thought we were friends!

Never trust a human.


Flartus said...

Yay, you, indeed. I just got Rosie stabilized at a good weight--only took me 5 years. I bet our friend over-feeds her this summer, lol.

I've only learned recently that horses need their sheaths cleaned. Have to respect the vets who do it, and wonder just how crazy the horses think we humans are!

Dreaming said...

Poor Reggie! Pippin and Doc can sympathize... they went to a shot/tooth clinic on Sunday. Evidently Doc remembered the anguish.. he wouldn't get in the trailer yesterday!
I agree with you about weight. I do the same: weighing and worrying! And then, how does one figure in what they get outside?! Geesh... it's enough to give me a headache!

Texan said...

LOL Reggie has that Vet figured out lol

Liesl said...

Good job on having such a clean yard! Our horses are also due for their teeth.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I just dewormed my 3 and gave vaccines this weekend. I need to have the vet out to do the rabies though, since owners can't do that one themselves. Beautiful horses! We have 2 quarterhorses and a really shaggy little pony.

Janet said...

Congratulations on a Job well done ! Always great to hear a professional give you praise and peace of mind ! x

John Gray said...

love his hat!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Yup..been doing the vetting in a 3 wk series..finally done with all ours!
I never like to do it all at once..mine is so blasted sensitive, it really puts her off.

Regg did well. Glad all the weights are good.I weighed the hay last barn, asked for what my findings were and she looked really good there.
It was the best as far as giving my mare enough to sustain our riding habbits and her TB nervous- burning of calories.
I am not happy with my new barn with THAT stuff. it's a husband wife team and one is super skinny-she She underfeeds mine, leaves her out in the ungrassed fields for 10 hours. I have already figured would not work there if I did not suppliment my own mare, with Timothy hay. And show up to rescue her and make her happy..she needs to chew more!
The husband, he is rounder in nature and is generous with feeding hay. Toally quirky place.

I have had to ask twice, since moving in, for them to up her hay as she got "ribby".
Mine is not one to some. She burns it up so fast with our rides and her nerves..

Tracey said...

LOL...poor Reggie. Still, at least he didn't stick his finger anywhere else!! xxx

in2paints said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well! Love the pictures and captions from Reggie! :)

Canyon Girl said...

It is so obvious that you take such good care of your horses, but it must have felt good to get it confirmed like that. And Reggie, all this is for your own good, to make sure you stay healthy and happy.--Inger