Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Change of Pace

You know I love our ranch.  But I gotta tell you, I had a great day away.  Our friend Adwyn invited us to a chamber music recital to benefit Japan relief efforts.  The concert will be held twice, so David will go to the Friday evening concert.  Saturday was my turn - we're switching off horse duties - so off I went on a long drive north.

Carol, Adwyn and Don

Here's an abbreviated version of the program -
Ludwig van Beethoven Streichtrio, Opus 3
Paul Hindemith Trio, Opus 34 No. 1, Fugue
Robert Schumann Klavierquartett Es-dur, Opus 47

I enjoyed every minute of it, but the Schumann was a real thrill.

We've been friends with Adwyn a long time.  David met Adwyn walking the cross country course way back when we were young.  There weren't many guys eventing in this area then.  David was showing Skipjack and Adwyn was showing Squeek.  It was instant male bonding, and we've been the best of friends ever since.

David and Skipjack

These days, the guys have brother-horses.  David's Reggie (Wingate) and Adwyn's Wulf (Ware) were both sired by Wendepunkt.


Hey wait a minute...I started out telling you about my day away, and here we are, back at the ranch!  Now how did that happen...


Sharon said...

Live chamber music, it must have been heaven!

Wendepunkt - beautiful animal, for sure!

Janet said...

Great to grab a bit of culture when you can Terry -glad you had a good time !Wendepunkt is a beauty !That jump looks huge !How brave is that-I think I`am doing well staying on - jumping a fence 3ft high !

Tracey said...


Louise said...

Mmmmm, nothing like good chamber music. We get quite a bit around here, because of the Eastman School of Music. Those students are GOOD! But, you know, the horses are your heart, and of course you can't stay away from them long. Wendepunkt was one of the first Hannoverian stallions I learned about. I'm very fond of the W lines.

Dreaming said...

I love what classical music does to me - everything switches into a different gear. Our youngest son played in a youth orchestra for years. I learned to play the violin and was supposed to be an 'angel' in the orchestra. I told the director I never felt like I sounded the part, but she liked having adults sprinkled among the kids to help keep order... I think!
Getting away from the horses is hard. Getting back to them is great. They do great things for a person, too!