Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Good End to a Scary Day (Yesterday)

Today's Sunrise
The End -
David has acute sinusitis.  When he forcefully blew his nose, he affected the pressure in his inner ear, resulting in extreme dizziness.

The Day -
It was our normal day.  We fed the horses at 7, ate breakfast, turned the horses out for the day, and swept the barn.  David has had a cold, but was feeling fine.  He did yard work while I gave Boomer a make-over by clipping his whiskers, trimming his mane and washing his feathers.  When we got back together for a chat, David blew his nose and felt like he was going to pass out.  We went up to the house and he laid down, but he still felt dizzy.  He's a healthy guy and he never feels dizzy, so we were concerned about the possibility of a heart attack.  We went to the emergency room.  He had an EKG, a chest x-ray, a blood panel and a CAT scan of his head.   It was scary, but the results were all good.  The doctor said his EKG was "boring".  Yay!  After getting a prescription for an antibiotic and sudafed, we went home, shaken but relieved.  I've barred him from the barn until he's completely better.  Right now he's enjoying snacks and watching the Final Four.

I've been mourning Clifford.  I have to avert my eyes from the pet aisle at the grocery store.  I hate walking into the house without him greeting me.  Every time I make a meal, I want to slip him a treat.  But the scare and ER experience was a reminder to appreciate and focus on what I have now.


Flartus said...

Glad your scare was just a scare!

I was just thinking today about how hard it is to bear that emptiness in your life when a dog passes away. Will you consider getting another dog? It can help tinge your sadness with a smile.

Jim said...

Yikes! That was a scary one Terry! So glad it was something that could be treated immediately. Anything in the head can affect the whole body. Hope David is up and at it very soon!
Clifford will always be remembered and missed.

Louise said...

Whoa! I'm glad that David is ok. I bet you were scared and feel very relieved for you. You'll get another dog eventually, and that dog will have a space in your heart. But, Clifford's spot will always be there, and you will always miss him, though the pain will lessen.

Dom said...

Glad it was just a scare! Phew.

Sharon said...

That would be scary, you did the right thing and now he can be treated and you can rest easy too!

Maybe it is better to not avoid stuff like the pet food aisle - just look at the stuff and comment to (yourself)Clifford, how he would like this or that, I know that people and dogs are different, but, after my brother passed away, I would see things in the stores and say "I bet Tom would have liked that" and keeping him in my life made it easier to let him rest. I maybe am not putting this right, do you get my drift? After Rough passed, I could still smell him and see him out of the corner of my eye and , Yah, I talked to him. I guess what I am saying, is don't avoid the things that make you grieve, grieve and go on.

Dreaming said...

That would have terrified me had it happened to us. I've never heard of that happening, but I guess problems with your sinus can lead to dizziness.
After we lost Monty in May I was miserable. I kept looking for him. I kept expecting him to be in his usual places, or that he'd come running down to the barn any minute. Sometimes I'd think that I heard him bark. It took several weeks to come to grips with it. Now we can both talk about dogs from the past and remember good times, or silly things they did, or terrible things, without feeling a void.
Good luck!

Texan said...

Oh my that was a scary day! I am so glad to hear your honeyman is going to be fine!

Lori Skoog said...

A scare indeed. Hope all is back to normal in a hurry. Do you think you will get another dog? Clifford was such an important part of your life.

Canyon Girl said...

David had all the same tests my husband had when I too him to emergency last week. How weird. I hope David feels better by now. I know how scary it can be. Our medical stuff seems to go in parallel or whatever it is called. It takes time when you lose a pet. I miss Princess so much -- she was my outdoor protector. And I still cry when I think of Bandit, our very special dog who stole our hearts forever.--Inger

Janet said...

Glad, relieved and really happy David is okay- hope he is feeling much better soon ! sorry you have had a nasty scare, x I`am with Sharon on this one regarding Clifford- it takes time, you can`t rush these things .sending you a big hug xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its far too easy to take things for granted in this hectiv world....and its times like this that make us stop and thing...and especially when we miss the ones we love.....and forget to stop and appreciate them...when they are here !!....Jayne

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Wow, Terry-how frightening! I'm so glad it turned out okay but I can imagine how scary it was before you knew the outcome!

I'm so sorry about Clifford...whenever we lose one of our pack the pain seems to be raw forever. Life goes on around us but my heart still grieves tremendously for a long long time.

Sending lots of healing thoughts your way and hoping that you have a nice quiet evening with David and the horses,

sophie...^5 said...

ER stuff is so nerve wracking..isn't it...but it was the best move to the Final Four!

Chelsea said...

We lost our lab, Bear, in early 2010. We had him for 14 years. He saw me through elementary school all the way to my high school graduation. He used to bark like an idiot every time someone even walked past our house. I never thought in a million years that I would miss that annoying, endless barking, but it broke my heart to not hear it constantly.

I did the same thing Sharon did. My whole family did. We would talk about things he would bark at, how he pretended to hate our other dog, and how we could never get him to take treats nicely. I think it helps lighten the mood a little bit. Its always so hard losing a pet.. just like losing a human family member. But time does help make it more bearable.