Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Gorgeous Day!

Wow, what a pretty day!  Now if it snows 3', it's our fault;  we set up the dressage arena.  Or rather David set up the dressage arena
while I raked the lunge pen
It wasn't all work -
Bob and David took Boomer for a spin
while I found the first wildfower,
Easter daisy.


Flartus said...

Yay! I wonder how many draft horse owners get such good "use" and enjoyment of their charges as you all get of Boomer. Wish there were an easy way to photoshop that fence out of that 2nd photo. The light does beautiful things to that horse! :)

in2paints said...

Looks like a lovely day! Boomer is such a handsome boy, and what a pretty flower!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Boomer looks stunning....what a gorgeous horse he is....he reminds me of my big fella ! Unfortunately....I don't get to use him to his full potential..but I love him just the same....those Easter Daisies...are lovely....hope that snow stays away.....Jayne

Janet said...

That wild flower is very pretty -it must be pretty hardy too- it still looks very brown where you are. great shots of Boommer, hope you have a great weekend x

Jim said...

Thanks Terry for heads up on 'Ted and Bunny' blog. I now follow as well.

Surely the snow is done with up your way!
Look at Boomer! What a magnificent animal he is.

Thanks again.

Canyon Girl said...

I can feel it, how you long for spring after your long winter. Boomer is really beautiful and what fun to be able to take him for a spin like that.--Inger

Dom said...

Boomer is stunning.

Lori Skoog said...

Bring it on!
Who wouldn't love Boomer?

Dreaming said...

I am so jealous. I would so love to be in that cart behind Boomer. It looks so relaxing.
We went up to the Harley Troyer auction and so some Boomer-look-alikes... well, not really - no where near as beautiful! But, there were some really large boys up there!
My Sunday post is up now - you should be able to go to it from your sidebar. Thanks for sending me an alert.

JJ said...

It sounds like you got a lot accomplished! Boomer is such a handsome boy and it seems like you, Bob and David get a lot of enjoyment out of him :)

allhorsestuff said...

That ring is soooo nice. I'd rake it gleefully!
Boomer is lookng great too.

An Easter pretty!