Thursday, October 7, 2010

WEG - the Venue

There was lots to see,

lots to eat ($$$$$),

and lots to buy.
Need a custom top hat, anyone?

I'm sure that Lilly at needs this halter.

David found a nice big tractor,

and I found a nice big horse.

David was a star on a mechanical cutting horse.  It speeds down a track,
spinning around as it cuts a mechanical cow on a parallel track.
Look at that seat!

If I wasn't lame in the right front, I would have loved to ride the mechanical dressage horse.
This horse is loaded with sensors that analyze your aids.
You can ride any movement.
Here Jane Savoie makes some position corrections.
How cool!
No vet bills!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow...fantastic...lots to see and lots to buy !..looks like you had a fantastic time !!..the dressage routine brought tears to my eyes...I have always fancied trying to do dressage..but never managed to get round to it !!....;-(...Jayne

Louise said...

I had heard about the mechanical dressage horse, but I hadn't realized that Jane Savoie was there in person giving helpful hints. I have liked her since way back in the day when she did a clinic locally. She is one heck of a teacher.

in2paints said...

That halter is perfect for Lilly!! LOL

I know she would wear it proudly, and she even looks pretty in purple. I've found a few places where I can buy them online, and I think I'm going to have to order her one. :)

It looks like so much fun... I've never been on a mechanical anything. Not even the mechanical bull! Looks like you had pretty nice weather too.

Terry said...

Louise, I really like JS too. She is so positive, and she makes things so clear.

intopaints, I thought of Lilly as soon as I saw that halter! Then I thought of my prince, but it was cob size, and he has a big old warmblood head.

Flartus said...

Wow, both those mechanical mounts are really cool. Much more evolved than the one in front of the grocery store, lol!

So, was David able to break into the big tractor & drive it away? That's what it looks like he's trying to do!