Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lexington's South Hill District

The South Hill District is right in downtown Lexington.  The neighborhood is an interesting mix of styles built over a hundred year period.  The oldest house in Lexington is the Adam Rankin house, built in 1784 for the minister of the Presbyterian Church.
The Adam Rankin House

All of the following houses were on the same street, and some were side-by-side.

 I liked the quirky mix.  Most of the houses were built right up to the road.  Well, more likely, the road was widened right up to the houses.  I liked the tree roots too.


Louise said...

I'd like to live on that street. They houses are full of character. Maybe the people would be, also.

Sandy said...

I love to see neighborhoods. Wow, fun to see these and I can see how close they are to the street. We have a neighborhood I walk through often where they are like that.

AJ-OAKS said...

What a quaint street. Lots of history those houses could share if only they could talk. I really enjoy seeing pics of old houses. Have a fondness for them.

Canyon Girl said...

We don't have many of those old houses in California. I miss that sometimes. I can see you had a wonderful time.

Flartus said...

The Adam Rankin House reminds me of the house I grew up in. Looks like the "salt-box" style common to the Western Reserve area. Ours was not as wide, and had several additions on the side and back.