Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Town

I enjoyed the town tours that John Gray (click here to visit Trelawnyd, Wales), Louise (visit Webster, New York), and Jim (visit Halifax, Nova Scotia) posted so much, I'm inspired to post about our town. 

We live a ways out from Elizabeth, Colorado.  There's two different stories of how the town got it's name.  It was either named for the governor's daughter, or it was named for the first woman who stepped off the train.  I like the second story.  I can just imagine the cowboys saying "hey, let's go see Elizabeth".

The westernmost part of the town is the new part, and has all the basic necessities.  There's a grocery store, a chain sandwich shop, and a huge ranch supply store.  The old part of town is about a block long, and retains its 1890s old west look.

My favorite stores on the street are the Powder River Hats store (click here), where they custom make western hats,

and The Wildflower.  The Wildflower is a tack store where they make western saddles and chaps.
 There's nothing modern about it.  When you walk in the door, you feel like you've stepped into the real old west.  I'd take you inside, but stores were closed today for a girl's high school soccer game.  It's that kind of town.

Elizabeth is situated where the plains meet a fat finger of Colorado's Black Forest.  There's little transition;  you are either on the virtually tree-less plains, or boom, you're in a jungle of Ponderosa Pines.

The town started as a saw mill camp on the banks of Running Creek.  At the height of the saw mill days, the Denver and New Orleans Railroad would run through town six times a day.  Running Creek flooded, destroying the saw mill and railroad tracks.  After the second flood, the mill was abandoned.

It's hard to imagine Running Creek as a raging river.  Today it was about three inches deep, barely flowing through the Cottonwoods.

I know this post is getting a wee bit long, but I want to show you one more thing.  My favorite building in the county is the library in Kiowa, the town to the east of us.
It is just as charming on the inside.

The only thing I miss about the city is dining out.  Elizabeth has three Mexican restaurants.  Period.  Now, I like Mexican food (or at least I used to!), but please, three Mexican restaurants and nothing else?  Waaaa.


in2paints said...

What a beautiful little town! I very much enjoyed the tour... I didn't think towns like that existed anymore.

My town is not nearly that cute, but we also have 3 Mexican restaurants! How funny! LOL

allhorsestuff said...

Terry, what a nice town visit this has been!
(I love the old town look and feel!
Post- Too long, na...I'd like to see more!
That Library, looked rather like a church to me.
We have a MILLION Mexican joints to eat from..but also Thai and burger many to choose is my downfall these days...

Maybe you should open a neat alternative festive foods little place...about the size of a drive through coffe house!

Thanks for the encouragement at my place..Those saddles are simply the bomb!

Sandy said...

Okay, where to start - three Mexican restaurants..what...!?!?!? no Italian...I would be at a loss.

Oh the library...gorgeous gorgeous, it reminds me of one I just visit a few cities over "Redlands, California" the library is so awesome.

I loved reading all about this.

I loved seeing that photo with the little stream...beautiful photo.

I enjoyed seeing the shots of the town.

Great post and thanks!!

I should do one for where I live.

This use to all be vineyards years ago.

Funder said...

Totally cool, thanks!!

Lori Skoog said...

What a great post. I have shown our village many times and love to see what others look like. You have some unique buildings and I especially love the photo of the "creek."

Word verification - ouchilli....ole!

Verde Farm said...

Elizabeth is BEAUTIFUL!!! Exactly what a western town should look like. How neat to have stores to get a custom made hat and such. I love the libarary. It is perfect. I would love to spend time there reading and thinking. I had to laugh about your mexican restaraunts. We have a lot of those too :) I know what you mean!

John Gray said...

thank you for the big up AND for the tour of Elizabeth
I love that pretty blue shop!!! sweet as a button

Jabacue said...

I wanted the tour to keep going! What a quaint/rustic little town Elizabeth is. Definitely feels like the 'west' or how I imagine it. Great pics Terry. Thanks.

Razzberry Corner said...

Such a beautiful old town! My husband is from CO, I love going back to his home. It's like another world, as I'm just to the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC! I think the library looks a little like a church, too!


sophie... said...

My daddy's blog Jabacue at Ocean Breezes didn't work when I clicked on it. Probably just a hiccup and the incorrect words were 'cut and pasted'. Not as if I haven't done that before..arf arf!
PS..the town is just about perfect I'd just need me there (wink wink) ...tks!

Terry said...

Oops! I think I have Jim's link fixed.

KK and Lynn, I'm sure the library was a church once upon a time.

I'd love to see anybody else's town.

Jabacue said...

Terry, I'm glad you like the photos, thanks. We use a Nikon D50, SLR digital. A 'good' camera can help by giving one more flexibility and choices. There are lots out there and I wouldn't recommend the one I have because it's limited as to the lens which can be used.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The village looks lovely and quaint...and I really enjoyed the drive down the road...I was sitting in my livingroom...with a big smile on my face...the feeling is great...I felt like I was in the driving seat......fantastic...!!....hope your snow....stays away.....battern down the hatches.....and stay warm.....Jayne

Kritter Keeper said...

wow, never been out west and your pics seem like i am right there! that is a cool little town, love the library too and the interior. but my fave is the little stream. love those colors. your 'ponies' are awesome! looks like you went to weg! we didn't go, didn't want to fight the crowds. your callie is similar to mine...

Flartus said...

Terry, just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog: I didn't think you were being unsympathetic in your comment yesterday--I honestly appreciated the reminder that this won't last forever! I tend to get too focused on today's problems and forgot how quickly she'll grow.

(Though I do sense you all are ganging up on us to give in and keep her...hmph!) ;)

AJ-OAKS said...

What a great little town!! Love, love those old buildings. The library is way cool.
Had to giggle over the 'raging' river!! Funny how things change over time.

Rising Rainbow said...

Ohhh! I'll be checking out the hat store. I could use a custom western hat.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

What a cute town! I have never been to Elizabeth...I love the Ponderosas (my favorite tree!). We live 30 minutes west of Boulder at 8400ft with 8 rescued horses...the winds and cold have been torturing us but that's life in the mountains, isn't it?

Have you asked anyone WHY 3 Mexican restaurants? Too funny!

I'm loving the pictures of your barn roof-hope the guys get done soon for you!
Scritches to your herd,
Sue at DVR

mabel8ble said...

Hello Terry,

Thank you for sharing your quaint little town and your ranch. I found your running creek picture so beautiful and I use it in my blog with a link back to your blog.
Somehow wordpress put it out as featured pic. (though I set the feature as forget me not flower heart, wordpress is major pain in the butt to use what can I say). Cool blog you have. Thanks again.