Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks, and Moving On

Thank you so much for your good wishes.  It means a lot to me.  I'm over my disappointment, and back to enjoying this beautiful Fall.

I don't remember a prettier Fall.  Today we went to "Halloween for Horses".  It was a warm day with a cobalt blue Colorado sky.  There were hay rides,
a "Stable of Terror", jugglers on stilts, pony rides, and best of all, costume classes.  That would be for horses, of course!
There was a beautiful princess on a unicorn,

the University of Colorado "buffalo",

and my favorite, Little Bo Peep with a very large sheep.

The horses were so good-natured and tolerant.  Only one person had an unplanned dismount.

I remembered my camera but forgot the battery, so photos are courtesy of David and his cell phone.


AJ-OAKS said...

Thank you so much for a good hearty laugh! When I saw the Little Bo Peep horse, well, that was the end of that. I am still cracking up. That costume is the best one for a horse I have ever seen.

~ Tom said...

What a Beautiful Fun day! _And_ you saw a real Unicorn!!! Wow! That's Fun!!!

~ Tom

Verde Farm said...

Hi Terry, thank you for stopping by our blog. Appreciate the sweet comment.
I had NO idea you could get a horse into a costume but these pics are terrific. The sheep costume was so good and so funny. How fun was this?
Love it!

John Gray said...

whats the plan with your collar bone fracture????

Sandy said...

Wow, I would have loved to see this and that sheep, hahah!!

Canyon Girl said...

Did you see a comment from me? I think I clicked away before I was done. What I said was that I love the sheep too. And I would like to know what treatment will be next for you. I had an MRI yesterday. I hope nothing serious will be wrong. Take good care, Inger

Jabacue said...

What a nice afternoon to have. The pics are fine....wouldn't have known the difference Terry.

sophie... said...

Little Bo Peep is adorable! so is the SHEEP! tks for kind 100th post comments!